Brass patina

by Salo

Is there any recipe for brass like patina ?



You can experiment with copper sulphate crystals. Mix them with warm water. The amount of crystals used will give you different shades of copper, some looking much like brass. Start out with 1 tablespoon of crystals to 1 cup of warm water. Test the results on some solder. Keep adding crystals until you get the desired effect.

Make sure you wear protective gloves while doing this, as copper sulphate turns your cuticles green, and it stings if it gets in a cut.

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gold patina

is there a gold patina for stained glass?, my neighbourhood store says that there isn't only black or leave it silver solder color.


There is black patina and copper patina, but no gold. If you want a true gold color, you would have to get it gold plated.

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Switch from copper patina to brass

by Nancy
(Portland Oregon)

I recently finished my project by putting on a copper patina, but now I want to make it a brass color instead. How do I accomplish this??? I did follow your instructions for applying a copper patina and it worked great.


Hi Nancy,

Antique brass patina is no longer available. The company stopped making it, so I have removed the reference to it on my patina tutorial. Unfortunately, there is no alternative.

If you want to experiment, try making your own copper patina using warm water and copper sulfate crystals. The amount of crystals you use will give different shades of copper and you might come up with something close to antique brass. Start by dissolving 1 tablespoon crystals in 1 cup of warm water. Make it in a glass jar with a screw on lid. The crystals are usually available at garden centers and farm supply stores.

If you want to remove the patina from the project you asked about, scrub it off with fine steel wool or bronze wool.

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Gold or Brass Colored Patina for Solder Joints?

by Dave Barber
(Rockton, Il )

I recently installed a front door w/ a nice stained glass panel from the factory. I have made panels for my side lights using foil and solder. The facotory window has gold (brass) finish and I would like to duplicate this on my side lights. Any suggestions on a patina would be great. The doors solder joints are gold colored.


Unfortunately there is no gold patina. Copper is the closest color you'll find.

You could have the panels gold plated, or you could use gold leaf paint or a gold paint pen.

If the door panel is lead, you could recolor the solder joints to make them copper, then use copper patina on the sidelights. However, most factory made doors with stained glass, enclose the stained glass between clear glass making it impossible to get to the stained glass panel.

Perhaps someone reading this has a suggestion. If so, they will put it in the comments section below.

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More Questions About Gold or Brass Patina and Gold Plating

by Gary Bowles
(Sparks, NV. USA)

I am going to create a persomal design for my front door. The approx size will be 22" x 48". My door hardware is polished brass and I would like to patina the soldered foil with either a brass or gold patina. Is there a patina available or must I use gold foil?

Sorry that I didn't ask my question more clearly. Can I gold foil over a completed copper foiled and soldered piece? Also, this is the first time that I have heard of plating a completd piece. Can anyone recommend a plater that has done this type of work in the Reno, Nevada area? I am not too far from the San Francisco California area and can easily travel to anywhere in the greater San Francisco area.

Hi Gary,

I really can't comment on gold foil. I've never used it. Would you please explain more about it goes on, how permanent it is, can it be polished, etc? I'm interested in knowing more about it.

I did a quick Google search for "gold plating in Nevada and California", and quite a few places came up. I'd contact a few places and find out if they can do it and how much they charge.

I know these olaces aren't near you, but they were recommended as reliable. perhaps you could contact them ans see if they know of any place near you:
J R Gold Plating Inc
1809 East Hennepin Avenue Bldg A
Minneapolis, MN 55413-2708
fax #612-331-8405

J & D Plating
2124 Gilbert St
St Paul, MN (651)251-7400

New Dimension Plating, Inc.
540 - 3rd. Avenue NW Hutchinson, MN 55350-1672
Telephone: (320) 587-3389 Fax:(320) 587-8295

If you don't get some comments here, I'd like to suggest that you ask about plating on Glass Chat at Warner Stained Glass. There are a lot of knowledgeable people there and I know some of them have had plating done.

There is also a "do it yourself" gold plating solution. Do a Google search and a lot of information comes up.

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