Cutting mirror glass ?

by Ted Nault
(Luquillo , Puerto Rico, USA)

Is there somethinbg special about cutting mirror glass for boxes? Do I have to treat the edges? Any other special instructions? Thank you.....Ted Nault.


Cut the mirror on the reflective side, not the back. Seal the edges. I use a polyurethane spray, some people use clear nail polish and others use a special mirror sealant sold by some stained glass retailers. When the box is totally finished, put a piece of felt on the back side of the mirror. You can buy felt with an adhesive backing. The felt protects the back from getting scratched, and it protects the table top that the box will sit on.

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Cutting mirrored glass

by Caroline
(Croxley Green, UK)

I have just made a panel using mirror and mirror back glasses. Is there a technique for reducing the chips that occur in the backing when grinding the edges? Most of the chips are hidden by the came face but some go in further and are visible. Any hints for reducing their appearance please?

If you are cutting accurately, don't grind the mirror. Grinding isn't necessary with accurate cutting. If you really need to grind, get a fine grit grinder head. Also, when you grind mirror, put something under it so the backing doesn't get scratched while you're grinding.

To cover the chips that show, you can get mirrored tape with adhesive backing on the mirrored side that you can put over the chips. The tape almost looks like a long strip of aluminum foil. The tape is available at some automotive supply stores, especially those that sell to places that do car repairs.

You can read more about working with mirror Here

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What is the trick to cutting miror?

I've been enjoying stained glass about 3 years, I just resently made a piece that I wanted to put mirror into and it does'nt break along the score line.If you could give me some advise I.m listening. Thanks Deb


Hi Deb,

If you go to my mirror patterns page you'll find instructions for Working with Mirror.

Mirror isn't difficult to cut, but it will be if you cut it on the wrong side. It must be cut on the mirror side, not the back side. If you are trying to cut it on the back side, you're not alone. Many people assume the back is the correct side to cut on.

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