by Mickie

I had an open metal shelving unit w/3 adjustable shelves. It was 16"w x 35"l and stands 3' high. Previously it held my larger pieces of stained glass. Instead of discarding it, and for less than $20. I made a light box. Instead of the top shelf being level with the top of the unit, I painted the actual shelf white. I set up the metal pieces that hold the shelving so that it was about 5" from the top, and painted the inside rim of the metal white also. I then bought two fluorescent under cabinet lights and siliconed them to the shelf, and put the shelf on the metal lip of the adjustable pieces. Then I had a piece of glass 3/4" thick cut to the exact size of the painted shelf so that it would sit on the very top of the lip of the shelving unit itself. When I knew it was exact I siliconed it around the lip and had a perfect light box. The cords go out the end and plug in to any outlet. I cover the glass with parchment paper so that the light does not bother my eyes and the glass is thick enough for many uses. The two other shelves I put supplies on keeping all of my SG products in one place. A great size for larger projects and small enough not to take up a lot of space, leaving my actual work surface free for laying out pieces.

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Light Box

by Lori Ann Shumey
(Castlegar, BC)

I have made a light box that is nice and compact for those little pieces of glass. I don't have the room in my studio for a large one... so this works really well. Start off with finding a heavy cardboard box that is approx. 10x12"... any size will work... and about 6" deep. Cut a piece of heavy glass just a bit bigger than the 10x12. Tape one side of the glass onto the box to act as a hinge. I used duct tape, its good and strong. Now all you do is buy one of those little battery operated lights. Mine is about 6" round. This supplies enough lite to shine through.

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