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November 21, 2011

Issue #24 More Free Patterns for the Holidays

Greetings to all of my stained glass friends. These Stained Glass Gems have been found during my frequent browsing and deep digging for helpful and or unusual stained glass web sites, as well as other information pertaining to stained glass. I do hope that there's a gem or two that will brighten your day and be helpful during your stained glass journey.

Next Thursday we will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the USA. That means the holiday season is upon us. Not much time to get those projects done. I have included some patterns for those of you that are in a quandry about what to make for the special people on your gift list. Don't forget the Moravian Star pattern I put in last month's ezine. I've had reports from some of you that they are easy to make (I already knew that!). For those of you that are new, there is a link at the bottom of the page to the back issues.

Stained Glass Blogs

These blogs cover a variety of subjects and techniques. Some of the techniques will be different from the way I have demonstrated in my tutorials, but that doesn't mean that either their's or mine are the right way or the wrong way to do it. It's just another way of getting to the end result. I hope you enjoy the following blogs and perhaps learn something new.

Barneysglass starts out saying "A day without glass is a day without sunshine. And as long as I am doing glass, I am happy." Hmmm, I wonder if anyone else feels that way! By the way, have a look at the Egret at the bottom of the page. It's a well thought out design and nice use of different glasses.

The Mosaic Obsession is a great blog for anyone interested in mosaics. If I had the time I'd be taking up mosaics again after looking at all the great tutorials on this blog. Carol, the owner of this blog, says "It is my vision to make this blog a knowledge base for mosaics."

More Holiday Patterns

Sandwiching Fabric or Paper Between Glass could make an interesting box lid, decorative insert in a panel, or anywhere else your imagination might lead you.

Here's an easy Water Lily Fan Lamp that would make a beautiful gift for any occasion.

This Prarie Style Box would make another beautiful gift. I think it would be equally nice made with all opalescent glass.

Christmas Votive

Christmas Tree Panel Pattern

Star Lamp

Christmas Candles Fan Lamp or Suncatcher Pattern

Ornaments Made With Glass Gems/Nuggets


How to Attach Hanging Rings to a Suncatcher

This came from one of my web site visitors and I'm very sorry to say I lost her name (if it's you, would you please send me an email so I can give you credit for your tip). Anyway, Thank You to the person that sent me this technique.

"I am an extreme butterfingers where this feat is concerned, but this works really well for me. I lay my piece face-down on my workbench. I take my ring and literally tape one end of it with masking tape to the very end of a couple of popsicle sticks that have been taped together so that they are approximately the same thickness as the glass, therefore holding the ring at the same level as it needs to be to be soldered to the back of the suncatcher. (You could use anything that provides the correct height and won't melt.) Make sure the ring extends well past the edge of the sticks so that the untaped part will lie on top of the edge of the suncatcher exactly where you want it. Now that it is securely in place there you can just drop a blob of solder on it and it will not move or burn your fingers.

If it still moves, you can secure it further by laying something heavy like a hammer on the sticks, and that really keeps it in place. Someone more inventive and motivated than me could probably come up with something more efficient than all this, but it does work."

A Money Saving Idea

Ken, one of my web site visitors, sent me this just this week. It's something I will use since large rolls of paper are expensive.

"I use wallpaper to draw my cartoons on the back. Erases easily(important) and is more substantial than kraft paper. Most everything I do will fit the normal width paper and length is whatever you want. Easy to get some really terrible looking rolls for little money."

A Note from Sue: Try the dollar store...some of them have rolls of wallpaper, and you can tape two pieces together to make a wider piece.

Miscellaneous Stuff!

If you're always looking for a new tool to have fun with, the Generation Green Bottle Cutter sounds like a winner. Its clever design allows users to cut anywhere along the bottle’s curved body and to cut rings of various sizes.

The tool is adapted to cut almost any size glass container including wide-mouth jars and oversize wine bottles. Its lightweight frame allows users to cut bottles in a few quick steps. Sturdy construction and a 6-wheeled turret cutting head helps ensure long product life. It's on pre-sale and should be available for shipment November 24. The cost?...a mere $24.95 (plus shipping).

Ask Sue For Help is a feature on my web site that some of you may not be aware of. It gives you a place to ask questions about any problems you're having with your stained glass work. It's set up so that I can answer your questions and other readers can add comments.

There is a place for copper foil questions, lead came questions and general stained glass questions. You can upload a picture if you think it would help me answer your question. The only request I make is that you give me enough information so I can figure out what the problem might be. For instance "I have a broken piece in my window. How do I repair it?" does not give me much information to go on. Is the window lead or copper foil? Where is the broken piece? Are you still at the construction stage or is it finished? How old is the window? If it's lead, have you puttied it and is the putty dry? If copper foil have you cleaned it and used patina. All of that type of information will help me immensely.

You can now find information about all of my Ebooks in one place.
Make a Box With a Hinged Lid
Learn the Copper Foil Technique
Learn the Lead Came Technique
Frequently Asked Questions About Patina
Frequently Asked Questions About Copper Foil

Click Here for full details about each ebook.

Be a Friend to the Facebook Page that is part of the Free Patterns For Stained Glass web site. Anyone working with glass can make comments about their current projects, upload pictures of their work, ask questions, or just add general stained glass chit chat. To start a new topic, just write in the box at the top of the page where it says "What's on your mind".Please join in, and also please tell your fellow stained glassers about it. You don't have to answer any of the questions I've asked, but it's fun to see what other people have answered. It's a great place to get ideas. Click on Like at the top of the page to have new comments show up whenever you go to your Facebook page.

Go to How-To DVDs to find hundreds of "How To" DVD's for rent. They have some very interesting stained glass tutorials that can be found at Glass

Best deals in art glass suppliesDelphi Stained Glass Supplies is a place where I have bought supplies online and over the phone for many years. Some very helpful people work there, and I recommend Delphi as a reliable place to order your supplies.

Have a look at Robert Oddy's web site for some unique patterns, plus a free pattern to show you what the patterns and instructions guides are like.
All designs feature:
Three-dimensional layering that creates depth in your designs - taking you well past the two dimensions of basic stained glass.
Full-color instructional guides for every step in the construction process.
Full-scale patterns ready to print as many times as you need for your project.
Supply lists for each design to help make sure you have everything you need.
Extra construction tips take you beyond the simple skills you learned as a beginner!

Although Robert's patterns aren't for beginners, I know there are a lot of you that are very capable of working with them. These patterns will make your skill level grow by leaps and bounds and you'll learn new techniques that you won't be taught in any classroom. Have a look at what he has to offer and download that free's beautiful and something I know most of you would love to make.

Just in case you don't know, the Stained Glass Gems ezine is mailed out the third Sunday of each month. Be on the look out for [Stained Glass Gems] Issue 25 on Sunday, December 19th.

I want to encourage you to have fun and experiment with your glass. Try new things and different techniques. It's amazing what you can do when you "think outside the box."


Stained Glass Patterns and Tutorials

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