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February 20, 2011

Issue #27

Greetings and a belated Happy Valentines Day to all of my stained glass friends. These Stained Glass Gems have been found during my frequent browsing and deep digging for helpful and or unusual stained glass web sites, as well as other information pertaining to stained glass. I do hope that there's a gem or two that will brighten your day and be helpful during your stained glass journey.

Stained Glass Blogs and Web Sites

The blogs and web sites I feature cover a variety of subjects and techniques. Some of the techniques will be different from the way I have demonstrated in my tutorials, but that doesn't mean that either their's or mine are the right way or the wrong way to do it. It's just another way of getting to the end result. I hope you enjoy the following blogs and web sites and perhaps learn something new.

Lusterous Glass features a lot of techniques that you may or may not be aware of. All of it gives you food for thought. Be sure to click on the "Labels" on the right side of the page. The Lantern Center has some pretty interesting panels in it.

Visions There site has what I refer to as "Eye Candy". There are around 350 panels and 100 lamp shades to look at. The artist is Carolyn Insler and her studio is in Chattanooga, TN.

While I was searching the web I came across these Safety Tips from Dodge Studios. There are a lot of good tips that everyone should be aware of.


If you plan on doing any panels to put in your garden, here's a tutorial for making your own Copper Stakes that will hold the panels and keep them from swinging in the breeze, or worse yet a wind storm! Of course, you can also buy ready made stakes, but where's the fun in that when you can make your own!

Last month I showed you how to put pressed flowers between glass, and asked if anyone was interested in learning how to make a flower press. For anyone that wants a copy of How to Make a Flower press, you can get it Here

Miscellaneous Stuff!

Do you have any stories to tell about your experiences working with stained glass...funny, sad, embarrassing, something that made you proud, or something you'd like to forget ever happened? There now a place, on my web site, to tell your stories. You can find it at Stories to Tell One of my favorite stories is about a customer that bought some rather expensive glass. She put it on top of the car while she was looking for her keys in her purse. She was back in a couple of minutes to buy more glass since the original purchase broke into many little pieces when it fell off the car roof as she went around a corner.

I'm sure most of you have stories that we'd all like to read. Who's going to be the first to submit one??

Whew! It's done and early at that.
"Make a Kaleidoscope" is a 47 page eBook will walk you, step by step, through making two different types of stained glass kaleidoscopes. It will teach you all of the techniques necessary to make them. Nothing else is necessary to get started, other than your desire to create something beautiful!

You can read about what is included in the book and how it will make constructing a kaleidoscope easy, or
if you prefer, you can click below to buy it now.

It only takes a minute to order, and you can
download it right away as an Adobe PDF document.
Get it today for only $19.95

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You can find full details about all of my Ebooks Here
The books available are:
Make a Box With a Hinged Lid
Learn the Copper Foil Technique
Learn the Lead Came Technique
Frequently Asked Questions About Patina
Frequently Asked Questions About Copper Foil
Make a Kaleidoscope

Two companies that I do business with, and recommend, are Wholesalers USA They carry lots of bits and pieces that we use in stained glass work. They have beach glass, gems, marbles, adhesives, jewelry supplies, etc all at very good prices.

And...for my drawing supplies, Dick Blick. If I need it, I know they'll have it and it will be good quality. Have a look at what they carry.

Classique Antique Brass Patina from P. Kay Metals is now back in stock. This is my favorite patina and one that I used to recommend on my patina page until they discontinued making it. I know it's available at Warner Stained Glass and iI assume other suppliers are either now carrying it or will be soon.

This might be of interest to some of you. It's Bullseye Glass Co's Invitation to BECon2011 Every two years, aspiring and accomplished kiln-glass professionals from around the globe enjoy the opportunity to gather, network, compare notes and expand their horizons. That opportunity is known as BECon (the Bullseye Conference). Who will attend? About 250 artists, designers, fabricators, instructors and students from around the globe. Register by April 30 to save $150.

Delphi's Online Art Glass Festival starts March 1st. Get busy cutting, assembling, soldering, etc so you can get your entries in during the month of March. It's open to all skill levels, all types of art glass, and there are thousands of dollars in prizes to be awarded.

It's also customer appreciation month at Delphi. You can get 10% off your entire order. Go Here to find out about it.

Go to How-To DVDs to find hundreds of "How To" DVD's for rent. They have some very interesting stained glass tutorials that can be found at Glass

Best deals in art glass suppliesDelphi Stained Glass Supplies is a place where I have bought supplies online and over the phone for many years. Some very helpful people work there, and I recommend Delphi as a reliable place to order your supplies.

Have a look at Robert Oddy's web site for some unique patterns, plus a free pattern to show you what the patterns and instructions guides are like.

Although Robert's patterns aren't for beginners, I know there are a lot of you that are very capable of working with them. These patterns will make your skill level grow by leaps and bounds and you'll learn new techniques that you won't be taught in any classroom. Have a look at what he has to offer and download that free's beautiful and something I know most of you would love to make.

***I will be away from my computer when you get this ezine, so I won't be answering emails on a timely basis for the next week or so. I will have my laptop along, but will have to rely on WiFi connections.

Just in case you don't know, the Stained Glass Gems ezine is mailed out the third Sunday of each month. Be on the look out for [Stained Glass Gems] Issue 28 on Sunday, March 20th.

I want to encourage you to have fun and experiment with your glass. Try new things and different techniques. It's amazing what you can do when you "think outside the box."


Stained Glass Patterns and Tutorials

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"He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, head, and heart is an artist." ~Saint Francis of Assisi

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