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November 21, 2011

Issue #36 again!

If you received this ezine yesterday, I apologize for sending it again. However it appears that gremlins got into my ezine program and sent out last years November ezine to some of you instead of this one.

Seasons Greetings to all stained glass enthusiasts. These Stained Glass Gems have been found during my frequent browsing and deep digging for helpful and or unusual stained glass web sites, as well as other information pertaining to stained glass. I do hope that there's a gem or two that will brighten your day and be helpful during your stained glass journey.

Stained Glass Blogs and Web Sites

The blogs and web sites I feature cover a variety of subjects and techniques. Some of the techniques will be different from the way I have demonstrated in my tutorials, but that doesn't mean that either their's or mine are the right way or the wrong way to do it. It's just another way of getting to the end result. I hope you enjoy the following blogs and web sites and perhaps learn something new.

This blog, How About Orange has nothing to do with stained glass, BUT...I can see all sorts of thing that can be used for pattern inspiration. And for those of you that do other crafts, there are many tutorials. I love the cat on the Free Owl Lover Calendar. I can see it made into a stained glass pattern. This Page has lots od projects for the holiday season. It's a long page, so keep scrolling down to see everyting.

Glass Tips is a blog that offers (what else!) glass tips and techniques. The blog owner says "This is a continally developing collection of information I have been helped to, or discovered myself. It gives my views on stained glass, kiln formed glass, and a number of other processes."

Vicki Leigh Studios is full of interesting pieces that Vicki has made. Maybe something will give you inspiration for a new project.


Moravian Star
I gave this tutorial to everyone that got my ezine last November, but I know there are many new subscribers that weren't on the list last year, so here it is again. Make a 12 Pointed Moravian Star
These are fun to make and make wonderful gifts any time of the year.

Rainbow Gem This is another tutorial that has been in one of these ezines. It is something else that would make a nice quick and easy gift, with the added bonus of not costing much in materials. How to Make Rainbow Gems

Ebook News

My next ebook, in the works, is all about repair for both copper foil and lead came. I thought it would be done by the first of the year, but unfortunately it won't be ready until sometime in February. I have run into some snags in finding leaded windows that need repair. I really hate to break the glass in a perfectly good leaded window just to demonstrate how to repair it, but if worse comes to worse, that's what I will do.

**As a thank you for your faithful support over the last 2 1/2 years, I'm offering every single one of my ebooks, in one bundle, for $50.00 US, from now, November 20 2011, until midnight November 25, 2011 (no matter where you live). Bought separately these books would cost you $110.65. That's a $60.65 savings. My refund guarantee will not apply to this product bundle.

You will get 8 ebooks in total. How to Make a Flower Press and Put Flowers Between Glass is the 8th book and isn't on the list below because it isn't sold separately. The other 7 ebooks are listed under the Buy Now button. There you will find a link that will take you to a web page to read about them.

You can purchase this special deal, referred to as the Black Friday Special (a term used in the US for the day after Thanksgiving when stores have incredible sales) by clicking on the Buy Now button below. You must have a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader or Sumatra installed on your computer in order to download these ebooks. Without a PDF Reader, you will not be able to download them.

Buy Now

You can find full details about all of my Ebooks Here

Ebooks available are:
Make a Box With a Hinged Lid
Make a Kaleidoscope
Learn the Copper Foil Technique
Learn the Lead Came Technique
Frequently Asked Questions About Patina
Frequently Asked Questions About Copper Foil

For those of you that have inquired about my ebooks being available as actual books, Make a Stained Glass Kaleidoscope is now available as a paperback book at and as a Kindle Book

Make a Box With a Hinged Lid is available as a paperback at and is also available as a Kindle Book

Miscellaneous Stuff!

Cutter's Mate now has a Mini Glass Cutting System and it comes with a mini price! It has a foam cushioned, weighted handle that eliminates the strain of grasping a traditional slim cutter. The weighted handle rotates 360º and applies all the pressure you'll need to effortlessly produce a perfect score. It's so easy, you can even score glass while sitting down! The 11" clear Lexan cutter arm can score a straight line up to 22" long.

For anyone that has a Facebook page, have a look at, and "Like", the Kokomo Glass Facebook page You'll find interesting pictures taken during the daily tours of their glass making factory, pictures that have been submitted showing off projects made with Kokomo glass.

Here's a good deal if you're looking for a ring saw. the Gryphon Zephyr Ring Saw is on sale at Warner Stained Glass for $273.73 until November 30. However, they only have 3 in stock and will not take back orders. I saw the Zephyr at a trade show last year and was impressed with it. It's quieter than most and there is room to get something thicker than a sheet of glass through it. It also can be detached to become a hand held saw.

Glass Patterns Quarterly has a web site with many interesting articles and How-Tos. If you have been hesitant about ordering the magazine, have a look at the web site and see what you've been missing. I've been getting the magazine for years, and still thoroughly enjoy it. I love to see the newest tools, techniques, ideas, and read all of the articles. Good stuff for a glassaholic! And no, the web site does not have everything you will find in the magazines. Just enough to whet your appetite.

Go to How-To DVDs to find hundreds of "How To" DVD's for rent. If you want to learn how to do it from drawing a picture to repairing a car, it's available on one of their DVDs. They have some very interesting stained glass tutorials that can be found at Glass

Have a look at Robert Oddy's web site for some unique patterns, plus a free pattern to show you what the patterns and instructions guides are like.

Although Robert's patterns aren't for beginners, I know there are a lot of you that are very capable of working with them. These patterns will make your skill level grow by leaps and bounds and you'll learn new techniques that you won't be taught in any classroom. Have a look at what he has to offer and download that free's beautiful and something I know most of you would love to make.

Best deals in art glass suppliesDelphi Stained Glass Supplies is a place where I have bought supplies online and over the phone for many years. Some very helpful people work there, and I recommend Delphi as a reliable place to order your supplies.

I want to wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season, and Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate Christmas.

I want to encourage you to have fun and experiment with your glass. Try new things and different techniques. It's amazing what you can do when you "think outside the box."


"I want everything we do to be beautiful. I don't give a darn whether the client understands that it's worth anything, or that the client thinks it's worth anything, or whether it is worth anything. It’s worth it to me. It’s the way I want to live my life. I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." ~ Saul Bass

Stained Glass Patterns and Tutorials

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