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[Stained Glass Gems] Magazines for the Glass Hobbyist
June 22, 2015

Issue 69

These Stained Glass Gems have been found during my frequent browsing and deep digging for helpful and or unusual stained glass web sites, as well as other information pertaining to stained glass. I do hope that there's a gem or two that will brighten your day and be helpful during your stained glass journey.

My apologies to all of you for not sending out an ezine since January. My husband and I took an extended vacation traveling around the USA. We visited 20 states and saw some of the most amazing places in this beautiful country of ours. I had left with plans to send out the ezines as usual, not figuring on poor internet access in most campgrounds.

Since our travels, we have decided to move to Arizona. We will be leaving a 3 bedroom, rather large, house to go to a 40 foot fifth wheeler with one bedroom and limited, although ample, space. Therefore, we will be selling almost everything we have in the house.

I will be selling a lot of stained glass supplies and books, but they must be picked up at my studio. I just won't have the time to pack and send packages. If you live in the Central New York area, you can contact me Here I will compile a list of what I have, with prices, in the next week or so.

Stained Glass Blogs and Web Sites

Please be aware that any of the glass work in these blogs and web sites is there to enjoy, not to be copied.

Apollo Stained Glass Studio is an interesting site to browse through. They work in period styles ranging from Georgian to Modern. Enjoy!

Vintage Style Stained Glass that specializes in transoms, many with address numbers in them.

Kennedy Original Stained Glass has some beautiful work. I'm sure you'll enjoy their web site.

If you know of a web site or blog that you think the rest of this ezine's readers would like to see here, please let me know. You can contact me Here


Learn how to Cut concentric circles using the Morton Workshop

If you have a Beetle Bits Cutting System and are scratching you head as to how to use it, here is a tutorial from Delphi Glass with great Instructions

I may have given you this info before, but it is worth seeing again. It is a technique I use for Making Accurate Templates


You can find full details about all of my otherEbooks Here

Ebooks available are:
Make a Box With a Hinged Lid
Make a Kaleidoscope
Learn the Copper Foil Technique
Learn the Lead Came Technique
Frequently Asked Questions About Patina
Frequently Asked Questions About Copper Foil
Build a Light Box

For those of you that have inquired about my ebooks being available as actual books, Make a Stained Glass Kaleidoscope is now available as a paperback book at and as a Kindle Book

Make a Box With a Hinged Lid is available as a paperback at and is also available as a Kindle Book

Miscellaneous Stuff!

You can find many patterns for the next holidays from the 4th of July through Thanksgiving Here

If you are a Facebook member, here is a page where you can Sell or Buy used stained glass tools and supplies

Go to How-To DVDs to find hundreds of "How To" DVD's for rent. If you want to learn how to do it from drawing a picture to repairing a car, it's available on one of their DVDs. They have some very interesting stained glass tutorials that can be found at Glass

Have a look at Robert Oddy's web site for some unique patterns, plus a free pattern to show you what the patterns and instructions guides are like.

Although Robert's patterns aren't for beginners, I know there are a lot of you that are very capable of working with them. These patterns will make your skill level grow by leaps and bounds and you'll learn new techniques that you won't be taught in any classroom. Have a look at what he has to offer and download that free's beautiful and something I know most of you would love to make.

Best deals in art glass suppliesDelphi Stained Glass Supplies is a place where I have bought supplies online and over the phone for many years. Some very helpful people work there, and I recommend Delphi as a reliable place to order your supplies.

I want to encourage you to have fun and experiment with your glass. Try new things and different techniques. It's amazing what you can do when you "think outside the box."


"I want everything we do to be beautiful. I don't give a darn whether the client understands that it's worth anything, or that the client thinks it's worth anything, or whether it is worth anything. It's worth it to me. It's the way I want to live my life. I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." ~ Saul Bass

Stained Glass Patterns and Tutorials

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