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[Stained Glass Gems] Issue #003
March 15, 2009

Stained Glass Gems
Issue #002

Welcome to Stained Glass Gems. These gems have been found during my frequent browsing and deep digging for helpful and or unusual stained glass web sites, as well as other information pertaining to stained glass. I have a long list that I will share with you over the months ahead. I do hope that there's a gem or two that will brighten your day.

"Web Site of the Month"

Lady Jane Glass Display Cases Amazing terrariums or, as Lady Jane calls them, roomboxes. Lots of pictures to whet your appetite for making one yourself. I know you won't copy hers, since they are protected under copywrite laws, but I'm sure they'll make you want to hunt for some patterns and make one for yourself.

Do you know of a web site that you think others would enjoy? Let me know about it here.

"Useful Tutorials"

Fusing and Slumping Tutorial Glass Fusing is another area of glass work that is very addictive. Fused pieces can be used in a panel and give that panel a look that you could not get with just copper foil or lead alone. This web site has a fusing and slumping tutorial for anyone interested in warm glass. It gives a pretty good explanation of the process, using a question and answer format. Once you have read it all, you should have a basic knowledge of fusing and slumping. This is not just for beginners; anyone that fuses and has questions will probably find an answer.

"Let's Chat"

The Glass Artist This is a new forum that looks quite interesting because it covers many different areas of glass work. The moderator is Chantal, a lady most of you should recognize. A majority of the patterns on my pattern search are done by her.

Where To Get It

If you are looking for out-of-print pattern books, Barnes and Noble has 1,451 of them listed. Most of them are used books and the prices vary depending on the condition. When you get to the web site click on "used and out of print", then type "stained glass" (leave out the quote marks) in the keyword box and click on search. It's fun just to see what's available. Barnes and Nobel

Another good source for books is Best Book Buys. Their site shows you where a book is available, using the lowest to highest price. It's amazing how much of a price difference there is from store to store. You will also see used and new book prices, and shipping fees.

Tips and Techniques

I put up some new pages, this week, about using various strip cutters. You can find it Here. This YouTube video shows how to make a simple jig for cutting strips or shapes. It is a technique I have used in the past, and it works quite well. For those of you that would not be cutting strips or repetitive shapes on a regular basis, it would save you quite a bit of money by not having to buy a strip cutter. Simple Strip Cutting

This easy to use site is not actually a stained glass site and not even a technique, although you could call it a tip. It gives information about gluing glass to glass and glass to other things. It's really pretty handy just to find out which glue to use on almost anything. Glue This To That


Glass blowing has always intrigued me. If I didn't feel like I was going to pass out just from blowing up a balloon, I'd give it a try! I found this 7 minute video on Making a Paperweight. It kept me spellbound. You really need to watch it all the way through to see what he's going to accomplish with a screw driver and an awl. You'll find the video at the bottom of the page.

Have a look at How-To DVDs. You're going to find hundreds of "How To" DVD's for rent. They have some very interesting stained glass tutorials which can be found at Glass.

Do you need a pattern resizer or a design program? I can highly recommend Pattern Wizard and Rapid Resizer. They are reasonably priced and you get a fairly long free trial before you have to commit to paying for them. You have the option of buying one or the other or both.

Just in case you don't know, the Stained Glass Gems ezine will be mailed out the third Sunday of every month. Be on the look out for [Stained Glass Gems] Issue 4 on Sunday, April 19th.

I'd like to encourage you to be creative, to try new things, to experiment, and most of all, have fun.


Free Stained Glass Patterns and Tutorials

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