Big Problems With Solder Pooling

by Micki

I wrote you a while back about having trouble with the flow of my solder, it was pooling all over the place. I changed out the flux, the solder, even my iron, still the pooling. No matter the temperature (I started using a control after this started) still the pooling, no matter what the temperature. This has been more than frustrating as I have some very important pieces to finish, and after 20+ years, this is happening. I have come to believe that there is another component in the solder. It is pooling and then setting up immediately, wheras used to you could do a bead and give it a couple of seconds to set up but it never moved off the flux. Now, I am extemely careful about where the flux is going and the solder just floats ALL over the glass!! I am at my wits end...has anybody had this happen to them, if so, what have they done to resolve the problem? I am desperate...thank you


Hi Mickie,

I have never heard of this happening and I don't know what else to tell you, but here are a few questions that might help to get an answer:

Q. Have you tried a different brand of solder, and are you using 50/50, 60/40 or lead free solder.
A. I use Canfield 60/40, had 2 new roles, both did the same thing. Not lead free. When I lay down the solder, it seems to set instantly, and if there is even the slightest flaw, where I used to be able to tap it on the side of my iron, it now just follows my iron and leaves a sharp peak!

Q. Are you using a liquid, gel or paste flux. What brand?
A. I changed my liquid flux to Studio Pro

Q. What brand of foil are you using?
A. I changed my foil and now use Venture.

One suggestion is to foil some scrap glass and solder it to see if the same problem happens.

Also, try a different brand of solder, and also check your soldering iron to see if it is getting hot enough.

Someone reading this might have experienced the same problem and can give us an answer.

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Nov 09, 2008
I've Solved the Problem!
by: Micki

Just wanted you to know that, after so much frustration and redo's (we all hate those), I know without a doubt that the soldering problem, pooling and/or setting up crazy, was the solder. I live in a rural area, so had my sister pick up what was available where she lives, which happen to be from Hobby Lobby (I am desperate), they had studio pro, and it is working beautifully. I believe a bad batch was made of the other as I have used it for years, and will continue after a while. Want all of THAT batch gone, but I am contacting the company to let them know.

Nov 08, 2008
soldering problems
by: Anonymous

I have ordered new solder and because I have traded out the foil even, am tweaking my heat by millimeters! Will see if that corrects it. Even tho the foil is in its original package and should be fine, I will run the brush across it to be doubly sure. The peaking does happen when it is too low, and when I make it hotter, well, you can swim in it! I am also wondering is my iron tip is not accepting the solder right as when it does not move the solder, I lay it up on the iron a bit and it is hotter! Sometimes I feel as though I am compounding the error but don't know where! Thank you, I appreciate a new ensight and will follow through.

Nov 03, 2008
Soldering problems
by: Anonymous

The only time I have this type of problem is when I have foiled my pieces quite a bit of time before soldering. Fluxing won't be enough. I have to brush foil with a copper scrubby slightly to remove oxidation, then flux. Otherwise my solder doesn't flow correctly. Also, when my iron isn't hot enough I get the sharp points on my solder when it dries. It does seem to dry immediately when the iron isn't hot enough too as I don't believe it melts the solder completely when the iron is too cool. Hope this helps. BJ

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