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Dec 11, 2010
I think, it's possible
by: Anonymous

but may require some experimental approach.

Pewter is based on tin, anyway. Probably, the ready patina solutions are not concentrated enough but you can try to dissolve the blue cristalls of CuSO4 (for the copper patina) or (green crystals, black patina) FeSO4 in water. Unfortunately, I do not know if these chemicals are available in their dry form in USA (in Russia it's not a problem at all, the garden shops sell them).

If you can get these (or at least one of them), you can make an investigation :) You can prepare the water solution (20-25 gr of CuSO4 per 1 litre of water), put the sample in this solution and treat it with the iron wool to destroy the layer of oxide on the surface of your sample and let the solution work (using the gloves, of course).

But this is just my suggestion, it's not a recipe.

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