"Every cloud has a silver lining"

by Katya

I wonder how a small a funny accident can change one's world... I purchased some of these candle lamps for the decoration purposes, glass paining is one of my hobbies. One evening I removed the glass parts from the steel base, attached the drawing printouts and someone called the phone. I just heard the sound of broken glass - my cat was playing and dropped the panels. Sure, I could just throw away the remainings, it was not so expensive as the object, but it would be too easy :)

I always loved stained glass things. Windows and doors, lamps, decorations in general but I was 200% sure that "It is too difficult and requires the special artist's education". So I was happy enough with the decoupage and glass painting.

But that day I found this site (thank you Sue and Google - Sue for this tremendous job and Google for the search done). And it was so exciting that next day I went to the local retailer and purchased some scraps of glass (though quite good pieces, about 10-15 to 30-50 cm), flux, patina, glasscuter....

This is the first one done (it has four sides, two were done with pale purple and two with blue) . Sure, I made all the mistakes that are described in Sue's hints - I printed out the pattern (later re-painted on the paper and the problem disapeared), bought the lead at the electronics shop (spent a lot of flux to clear the soldering tip)... :)

My friend's daughter grasped it today, the hardware allows to install the electical part instead of a candle, so it will be upgraded.

I'm sorry for being that long, just wanted to share how Sue's love to what she is doing changed my hobbies. Oh, yes, it was definitely this small black cat who decided :)

From Russia, with love (c) Katya

Reply from Sue

Thank you for the picture Katya. The panel is beautiful. Like I said in my email to you, you have a talent that will go far. I expect I'll be seeing beautiful creations from you. Enjoy your new hobby.

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Dec 02, 2010
Every cloud has a silver lining
by: Ann

How beautiful! I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

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