finger protection

by Marti
(Franklin, IN )

I wear rubber gloves (made for stained glass), but my fingers are so sore and dry from grinding, soldering, etc that I may have to wait until they heal before starting my next project. Do you have suggestions on how to prevent this from happening?

Martina Brown
Franklin, IN


Hi Martina,

My hands suffer too when I do glass work, more in the winter than summer. To help them heal, I make sure I wash them freqiently and use lots of moisturizer made specifically for healing. I don't wear gloves except when I'm working with patina (it stains cuticles and burns if it gets in cuts).

If you wear rubber gloves, perhaps your hands are sensitive to rubber. Try Nitrile gloves. They are allergy free and don't contain any powder which can also cause allergic reactions. I get mine at Harbor Freight. Walmart carries them too. They are fairly cheap at around $5.00 for 100 gloves.

I have also heard about these: Finger Gloves From what I've heard, they work very well, but please bear in mind that I have not used them, so I can't recommend them as something I know works.

Another thing people use is Scooch's bookkeeper fingers. They are the rubber fingers covers bookkeepers and bank tellers use. Most office supply stores sell them.

Perhaps other people reading this can tell us what they do to protect their fingers.

Hopefully, people reading this will give you some more ideas for finger protection.

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Feb 09, 2012
fabric "bandaid"
by: Anonymous

I don't like wearing gloves for grinding, but if I have alot of grinding to do, I apply fabric type "bandaids" to the tips of the fingers being used for the process, never did feel comfortable with a grinders finger saving tool! Saves alot on the skin. I always wear nitrile type gloves when fluxing & doing patina work, I just don't know for sure what that stuff would do if incorporated in the bloodstream! there are also some knit gloves with a teflon type coating for heat resistance, cut the fingers off of those gloves and use them on the fingers that hold small pieces of work being soldered or adding the finishing touches to, saves the burn!

Apr 08, 2011
Rough fingers and rubber thimbles.
by: Glassy Eyed Fran

I can recommend the use of rubber thimbles, some people use to count money etc. It tooke me about a morning to get use to them whilst grinding, but they have saved my nails and also my finger tips from getting very rough.
I look forward to the day I use them for counting money !!
Glassy Eyed Fran

Feb 14, 2011
about Finger Protection?
by: Libby C:

I have alwlays wondered how my emotions and temperment may have been damaged from years of exposing small cuts from glass to flux and the fumes of leaded solder. I relate to the Mad Hatter!

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