Framing a LARGE foil Project

by Ekaterina
(Fort Bragg, NC)

Hello, all

I have just been commissioned to build my first church window - not too large, thank God! It is an arch that will go over the church door, 6' wide and 3' tall at the highest point. Now, I am planning to use foil and reinforce with restrip with probably 2 horizontal and 2 vertical strips. I am not sure about what to use for framing? My usual choice for anything non-straight line is lead, but this one is way too large to use something this soft. I do not have a a came bending jig to use regular zinc, but I hear that there is bendable zinc available - would that be strong enough to frame something that big? Any other suggestions from experts? HELP, please!!!! :))))


Unfortunately I can't help you with a zinc question, as we never use it. We use lead for anything we construct, and we have made quite a few windows as large to much larger than the one you will be constructing.

Perhaps someone reading this can give you advice about zinc. If so, their answer will be in the comments section below.

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Mar 03, 2012
Bending zinc came/border
by: Anonymous

You might want to try using a zinc Y shaped border (ZY-916). You can make many small cuts in the 'trunk' of the Y (the bottom part) and that will allow you to bend it somewhat.

Dec 19, 2011
restrip and lead frames
by: Ekaterina

I actually wanted to ask about the restrip myself. Since the design is not linear, the restrip will have to go kinda diagonally. Is that OK as long as they go all the way top to bottom?
And about framing it in lead - would you put a lead frame on even if the project was to go over a door where it would be under constant stress of wind drafts and the door slamming? If yes, would I need any other reiforcement besides restrip, you think?


The restrip can do a zigzag from edge to edge. It bends easily flat, but it doesn't bend at all on edge. The's the beauty of working with it.

Yes, lead will be fine in a door. i hope the entire panel is lead. Copper foil is too solid and has no give what-so-ever in a slamming door.

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Dec 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

how would you use restrip on this? I thought restrip had to go edge to edge.


Yes, it must go edge to edge, but it can weave along from top to bottom or side to side to accomplish that. It doesn't have to go in an absolute straight line. Restrip bends (not on edge, but it's flat surface)so it can go around corners. Visualize it going up stair steps. As long as it's crossing the hinge joints to prevent them from folding, it can weave along to stop that from happening.

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