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Mar 05, 2016

These glass cutting techniques will help you have success at cutting glass

Learn some helpful glass cutting techniques that will make successful cutting much easier.

Continue reading "These glass cutting techniques will help you have success at cutting glass"

Oct 12, 2012

Soldering-problems can be helped here

Any soldering-problems related to stained glass can be helped here.

Continue reading "Soldering-problems can be helped here"

Oct 12, 2012

Repairing Stained Glass ebook teaches you how to repair foiled and leaded pieces

The Repairing Stained Glass ebook walks you through techniques for repairing both foied and leaded pieces.

Continue reading "Repairing Stained Glass ebook teaches you how to repair foiled and leaded pieces"

Oct 10, 2012

Having trouble-cutting-glass? Ask your questions here.

Trouble-cutting-glass can be frustrating. Get help on this interactive page .

Continue reading "Having trouble-cutting-glass? Ask your questions here."

Jun 06, 2012


This is my first project o.k. 2nd (if you look real close @ the background on the right you can see my 1st, its a small light house above the chair on

Continue reading "Kaleight-O-House"

Jun 03, 2012

how to finish a window

Hi Sue, I'm making a window that will go inside my house. I plan on placing it over the glass that is already there size would be 2x2. since I'm making

Continue reading "how to finish a window"

May 29, 2012

Hinge joint reinforcement

I'm a self-taught beginner (I seem to learn equally from reading and making mistakes). I recently created a design for a copper foil piece that I have

Continue reading "Hinge joint reinforcement"

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