These free-stained-glass-mirror-patterns feature floral borders. Be sure to read the instructions on working with mirror glass.

Using a pattern resizing program makes it easy to enlarge these free stained glass mirror patterns. You can find information about some resizing programs at Free Stained Glass Flower Patterns

Working With Mirror

It is best to purchase the mirror from a glass shop or a hardware/home improvement store. Get 1/8" thick mirror glass. The cheap mirrors from your discount stores usually have a very thin backing that tends to peel off or chip easily when you are breaking out the pieces you have scored.

Cut the mirror on the mirror glass side. Before you begin cutting, make sure it is laying on a clean surface so that the back doesn't get scratched. It is very easy to scratch the back side. Another thing you can do is to cover the back of the mirror with contact paper before you begin cutting it. The contact will protect the back. After you have run the score, you can cut through the contact paper with an exacto knife.

You must seal the edges of the mirror glass before you begin constructing your mirror. There are several mirror sealants available through your stained glass retailer. Clear finger nail polish works too.

Another way to seal the mirror is to lay the mirror upside down (glass side down) on a lazy susan, or anything that you can turn, and spray the edges and the back with a clear polyurethane. Let it dry thoroughly before you begin foiling.

The reason you seal the edges is to prevent "black rot", a term used to describe the black patches that you often see in old mirrors. It is caused by moisture getting between the silver backing and the glass of the mirror. It can also be caused by flux, patina, just about anything you use to construct or finish your mirror.

When applying the sealant, paint it along the edge of the mirror and run it over, about 1/8 inch, onto the back of the mirror. By running it over, you will cover any chips in the silver that have been caused by cutting and breaking the mirror. Be sure the sealant is absolutely dry before you apply foil.

It will take several hours (more if it's cold or humid) for the sealant to dry, so cut all of your mirror glass and seal it. While you are waiting for the sealant to dry, you can be cutting and foiling the rest of the glass.

It is best if you don't grind mirror glass, as the grinder chips off small bits of the backing on the mirror. I know...sometimes you have to grind, especially if it is an odd shaped piece, or maybe it's your last piece of mirror glass. Whatever the reason, use an old grinder bit, one that is well worn down. I also find that grinding the mirror upside down helps to prevent chipping. If you do this, put some paper towels under the mirror front, while you are grinding, to prevent scratching the glass. Actually, put something under the mirror, no matter which side up, to prevent scratches.

Use silver back foil on the mirror glass in these free stained glass mirror patterns. It will not reflect in the mirror like copper foil does.

mirror back

Finishing The Back of The Mirror

To finish the back of the mirror, solder an 18 gauge copper wire around the back, as shown in the enlarged photograph (double click on the photo to enlarge it). At the top, loop the wire to form a hanger. Put self adhesive felt over the back of the mirror glass to protect it from scratches.


Double click on each of these free-stained-glass-mirror-patterns to view a larger size of them in a PDF file.

If you don't have a PDF viewer, one can be downloaded here: Sumatra PDF It's the one I use!

tulip mirror

tulip mirror finished

Tulip Mirror

The actual dimensions of this mirror are 6 3/4 inches wide measured from the tip of the outside petals, and 12 1/4 inches long from flower tops to the bottom of the leaves.

This pattern is not proportional (due to technical difficulties), so if you use a resizing program, make sure to put in both dimensions when it asks for height and width.

poppy mirror

Poppy Mirror

This is 1/2 of the pattern. Draw one side,then flip the pattern over to draw the other side. The dimensions are the same as the tulip mirror above.

orchid mirror

Orchid Mirror With Flower Overlay

These round, free-stained-glass-mirror-patterns can be made any diameter you want. Once you have them resized, measure the diameter of the circle. Cut a piece of mirror to the same diameter, and seal the edges. After the sealant is dry, foil the mirror. Now you are ready to cut the rest of the glass and assemble your mirror. The flowers petals could be assembled to be 3 dimensional, which would give them a more realistic look.

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These free-stained-glass-mirror-patterns are for your own use, with one exception. These patterns are not to be reproduced for sale or for free, in any type of book or pamphlet, or over the internet/world wide web. They are my original designs and I hold the copyright to any and all of them. Other than that, you are free to make them in stained glass and keep or sell as many of the finished mirrors as you desire.


If you have a question or comments about these free-stained-glass-mirror-patterns please feel free to Contact Me

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