Gap between glass pieces

by Bill McCloud
(Pittsburgh, Pa (USA))


Sorry to bother you with another question but I have a problem that I need some advice on (I ordered your Copper Foil FAQ booklet but did not find an answer to this there).

I'm foiling a project and have two pieces of glass that don't mate as well as I planned (poor cutting on my part I guess). There is an area about 1" long where, after foiling, there is a gap between the two pieces of glass that is about 1/16" wide (guessing a little less but hard to measure well). I cannot just recut two new pieces of glass to fit exactly as I used up my whole stock of this glass and would need to cut a dozen and a half pieces to replace these two so as to get the color match I needed (assuming I can find suitable glass to go with my color pattern).

Anyway, I know that solder won't bridge this gap. Seems like it will take a whole lot of foil wrapped around the edges of the glass to bridge this gap (a over repeated version of a simple foil gap repair) and I'm afraid that I'll end up with some kind of lump of copper that will look bad in the end. A piece of foil laid across the gap after the pane is assembled and pinned for soldering might be another "fix" but I'm not sure how to handle getting this bridge to work on both sides of the panel well or whether this fix would really hold up.

Any suggestions short of starting over again with all the pieces of this color/texture?


You can bridge the gap with solder. Here is a technique used in Tiffany lamp making where wide areas of solder are part of the design.

Get a wet towel and push it up under the gap. Fill the gap with solder. The towel will prevent the solder from running through, and the wetness will cause the solder to set quickly.

Turn the panel over and put the towel on the side you just soldered. Quickly touch up the solder, adding just enough to form a bead. let it cool and do any finishing up to make it a smooth solder bead.

Turn the panel back over and touch up the existing bead (if necessary) to make it smooth.

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