Glass Colors for Flesh

by Jim Aerni

I'm having a very hard time finding a flesh colored glass (caucasian). I've looked over the Spectrum collection and the closest I can find is Cotton Candy Pink....ugh. Any suggestions?

Jim /Anaheim


Hi Jim,

Finding the right flesh color has always been a problem for glass workers. Nobody seems to have the same idea about what color flesh is.

If you look at your own flesh, you'll see that it isn't really's more on the light beige side.

Do a search for flesh color glass. Also, champagne, beige or even bronze might work. It just depends on the shade you want.

Here are some colors that I found on a very quick search:

Wissmach Opal - W2-58D Beige
Wissmach Opal - W2-325D Light Bone Beige
Wissmach Opal - W4-P51D Flesh Pink
Wissmach 568 Champagne Pink
Kokomo 231 Pale Pink Opalume
GNA 6156

Sometimes you have to lay one color of glass over another color to get the color you want. It's basically a form of plating. Although your question isn't about plating, here is an article on how it's done: Plating Techniques by Robert Oddy just in case you ever need to do it.

I hope this is of some help to you.

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Oct 09, 2010
Trying to help-no experience
by: S. McILroy

I'm not a stained glass artist, but I've struggled with the strange look of face colors when appreciating the medium.

One thing that helped the whole image while appreciating, was that if there was another person in the glass, having a contrasting color of "skin" made the other more palatable, and less obtuse, or gaining my attention.

Sometimes my eyes go to the things that stick out, and then I'm riveted, not as much anymore though.

Also, maybe the skin color most complimentary to the next color it is against, will make it less contrasting!

A church I belonged to had a number of stained glass of people, individually they looked odd, washed out, or too Olive, but there was one of the three wise men or of two or three, seems they used different colors on the faces, so it complemented, and the colors they were conjoined with complemented the face colors, so it was a lot more pleasing to the eye.

I don't know the trade, but maybe that will help.

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