Hinge joint reinforcement

by Mark Guthrie
(Oakland, CA)

I'm a self-taught beginner (I seem to learn equally from reading and making mistakes). I recently created a design for a copper foil piece that I have even more recently learned (while reading tips on your site about something totally unrelated) will need to be reinforced with copper restrip. The piece is 14" wide X 25" tall. The best way I can describe the design is that it is like a brick wall, in that it is composed of numerous rectangular pieces of glass laid out horizontally in rows, with numerous rows above/below one another. This means that it has many hinge joints from left to right but the vertical joints are 'broken' or staggered so that they do not line up verticaly from the top to the bottom of the piece (again, like a brick wall. Let me know if this is unclear and I'll send a photo). Since the copper restrip must cross the hinge joints verticaly, I am confused as to if or how I can reinforce this piece. By the way, I do plan on purchasing your book on reinforcing, which I have also just learned about, but I have this piece almost ready to solder so I am a little anxious to find out if/how I can complete it correctly. Thanks for any help/advice.

-Mark Guthrie


Hi Mark,

First of all, the ebook is an instant download, so you will be able to read it 5 minutes after you pay for it. It will help you far more than the short explanation I can give you here without using pictures to show you how to do it. Your panel will absolutely need a lot of reinforcement. You said you are ready to solder, but the panel will need to be pulled apart in order to add the re-strip. It's not something you lay on top of the foil, it goes between the glass pieces.

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May 29, 2012
Hinge joint reinforcement
by: M Guthrie

Sue, I realize I'll have to deconstruct and that the restrip goes in the joint. I guess what I'm unclear about is that my design has no vertical straight through joints, so to cross/suport the hinge joints, do I bend and shape the restrip wire however I can to attain vertical support joints, even if it means it will be a zig-zag/stair step shaped path/configuration from top to bottom?

Yes, the re-strip bends. By pinching it wirh pliers you can get a perfect angle. To clarify, it bends only on the flat surface, but it will not bend on edge.

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