How I Built This Website

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Perhaps you have wondered why and how I built this website.

Stained Glass has been my passion for 38 years.

When we were younger, my husband and I owned a wonderful, full service, stained glass business. My favorite part of the business was, and still is, teaching people how to do stained glass.

I get such pleasure from watching people learn the techniques, and then growing to love stained glass work as much as I do.

As we grew older we realized that running a full time business was not going to be an option much longer, so we eventually sold the business and relocated closer to our family.

Starting out in a new area was not easy. We continued to design, construct, and do repairs in our home studio. I also helped out in a local stained glass shop, teaching some of their classes and doing all of their custom and repair work.

Most of that was satisfying, but not what I wanted to be doing forever. I did not like working for someone else. I wanted to do things "my way".

I Saw The Light

In the meantime, I became more and more interested in computers and the internet. I tried my hand at building websites with one of the free web hosting services. I managed to build four tutorials, but they remained pretty well hidden from the public due to very poor web hosting. They have now been moved to this web site.

I learned fast that, with web hosting, free is definitely not the way to go, and even if you pay, you seldom get what you pay for. Watch out for the scams that promise the earth and deliver nothing.

My husband and I searched for a genuine, helpful web host, thinking we'd probably never find one. We were wrong! We kept reading about SBI. That's short for Site Build It! We kept reading and investigating and asking questions.

Was it too good to be true?? was exactly what we were looking for. An honest, up front business that wanted us to succeed and would help us every step of the way.

Now I could use the internet to teach people how to do stained glass. Wow...I can teach the whole world. I finally found a way to stay home and do what I love. That is how I built this website!

The Stained Glass Lady

I bought my first SBI web site a little over two years ago and here I am today, providing you with all of this information about stained glass (and lots more to come). I built this entire website by myself, with the help of SBI.

To be honest, I'm amazed that I have been able to build such a professional looking website. Without SBI I would not have been able to do it, and there certainly would not have been a page about how I built this website.

That's the power of Site Build It!. They teach you how to build a complete website from start to finish, and most importantly, how to bring visitors. What do visitors mean? Satisfaction in knowing that I can share my knowledge with anyone that wants to visit my website, and a nice income from my sponsors.

Right now I have around 2500 visitors daily. Those numbers continue to grow at an amazing rate. That really excites me because I get the satisfaction of knowing that more and more people are learning about stained glass.

I'm sitting in my living room, comfortable and content, writing about stained glass, and teaching people world wide. This is the life I was looking for!

If You Have A Hobby Or Passion,
Take a Look At SBI

You might not want to build a website about stained glass, but I'll bet you have some kind of interest or hobby you'd love to tell others about. If it interests you, there are thousands of people, world wide that want to know about it too.

Don't just take my word for it. Watch the following video, made by a fellow SBIer, to see how building a web site about something you love is a dream come true.

Using Solo Build It is how I built this website, and I have just one more thing to say...
I Love Solo Build It!

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You can't imagine how much I wish I had found your incredible website before I spent many hundreds of dollars on lessons, DVDs, tutorials, etc. I can tell that everything I need to know can be found here. All I can say is "Thank You!" Larry

I can't thank you enough for this site. The new search feature is amazing and it makes it so easy to find exactly what I am looking for. Thank you again! Laurie

Your site is fantastic! I took a six week class four years ago and recently started again (after forgetting almost everything I learned!). I have to say that your site is excellent and I can't wait to practice the techniques you've shown. Scarlet

I'm a subscriber to your "Stained Glass Gems" and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful site! This is by far the best glass site I've run across. I recently purchased your publication on Patina FAQ and it's very helpful for me... I like to have hard copies of info so I added it to my library. Suzanna