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Hi Sue,

I'm making a window that will go inside my house. I plan on placing it over the glass that is already there size would be 2x2. since I'm making it the foil way would I have to first fram it with lead or can I just culk around the foil to hold it in place?

Since I'm asking question here is another
I plan on make my kitchen cabnit door sg is it safe to use 60/40 lead or should I use lead free?
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A lead border will give the panel more support. Also, if the panel is going to be inside, it would look much nicer/more finished if you put lead around the edges then either caulk over the lead or put wood window beading over the lead to hold the window in place.

I can't really tell you what solder to use on your cabinet door. If you feel more comfortable using lead free solder, then, by all means, use it. It's totally up to you. 60/40 solder is not going to leach lead into your kitchen. It's not going to contaminate your food.

Think about how many times you or your family will actually be touching the solder lines on the window. Touching it then putting your fingers in your mouth or handling food would be my only concern. So, like I said, it's up to you and how your cabinet will be used/handled.

Make sure you reinforce the kitchen cabinet panels very well. Stained glass panels that are in doors will sag and or break over time from constant opening and closing. It's call the oil can effect. The panel is jarred, causing the glass to slightly move in and out, just like the sides of an oil can moves in and out when you squeeze it.

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