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Sep 03, 2009
Peacock update and final fluffing of the feathers...
by: Randi

Hi Sue and all...

I've taken a lot of advice from a bunch of folks and am set to complete this project over the next few days... Today I finished the frame (1/2" zinc with cable strung through) and formed supports for under the belly and inner curve of the tail (to offset the depth of the came). Tomorrow I'm set to clean it all up, glue the bird bits to the window part, and add some spot soldering where this meets that. The body and tail are still separate and will just have to be that way. After all the above steps, I'm considering using scalloped copper tape to surround the bird, just to 'finish it off', but can't quite decide yet.

This link is to a spliced photo of the two bird bits laying on the backing window... enjoy - and Thank You for your encouragement and suggestions!


Jun 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

What a gorgeous piece - good for you!!!

Jun 17, 2009
hidden structure
by: Randi

Greetings Sue,

I really appreciate your posting my dilemma and advice on how to hang the piece.

I neglected to include the fact in my original posting that, since solder is not a structural material, it became quickly obvious I needed to support the neck before I could even begin an edging treatment, much less move it around for cleaning, etc.

I built a hanger, if you will, of coat-hanger wire that curves up the neck, wraps to the front side of the body and back to the back side creating one-half a 'french cleat' at the tail area of about 4" wide. The hanger is wrapped in foil tape at several points and soldered to the back side of the piece.

I intend to devise and solder the bottom part of the cleat and hanger support for the tail, wiring the cleats together at the most fragile point. With the idea of hanging this on a trellis with multiple wire-tie points, I felt it would be stable enough.

I like the idea of gluing the two pieces onto a full pane for more strength --and it wouldn't block the view of the garden as much as the trellis. I'm going to work a few sketches for the client -- will keep you posted!

Thanks again!

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