How to Remove a Small Window in a Wooden Grid

by Russell Fertenbaugh
(Mechanicsburg, PA)

I have an older door that has multiple (18) small window panes in it. There is a raised wooden grid between each window and I am not sure how to get the one broken window out due to the wood grid being there?


Here's a good place for my husbands frequent remark..."If it went together, it has to come apart!"

On one side of that wood grid, there should be a piece of wood beading that is nailed into the grid. You should be able to pull the 4 pieces loose around the edges of the glass.

If there isn't beading, then the glass will probably be puttied in place on the outside of the door. A heat gun will probably soften the putty enough to be able to remove it. heat a small section then use a putty knife to scrape the putty off. In your case, the glass is already broken so you don't have to be careful about too much heat causing it to break. However, do be careful with the surrounding glass and the wood grid.

You might find glazing points holding the glass in place once the putty is removed. Grab them with needle nose pliers and pull them out.

Some people brush boiled linseed oil on the putty and let it set for 30 minutes or so before they heat the putty. We've never done it, but it might be worth a try.

Lastly, here's a pretty good video that I found showing How to Remove Putty using various tools and a heat gun. It also shows how to use a Putty Chaser which many people think is the best tool for removing putty.

I've covered the only ways I know of that might be holding in your glass. I hope one of them helps you.

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