I Used the Wrong Type of Patina

I'm a newbee (2nd project)and bought black patina for zinc then used it on solder. It looks grey and not really bad on the project. My question is what will the long term effects be? I am giving it to a friend as a gift and want to make sure it is OK. Also since we live overseas and have limited resources is there any other car waxes that can be used. Mothers is not available without mail order.

Thank You

The patina should be fine. When the patina is used on zinc, it also covers any solder that's on the zinc (corner joints and where it's soldered to the panel), so I can't see where there would be any long term effects.

If you can't find Mother's Cleaner Wax, look for a car wax that is carnauba wax. The basic ingredient in Mother's is carnauba wax.

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Jul 10, 2009
Follow up on Mistake
by: Anonymous

I followed your advice, had turtle wax brand platnium series paste wax in my closet it had carnauba wax in it so I gave it a shot. The patina that I applied appears to only have caused oxidation, I had a big mess getting it all off. Just when I thought I had it and was ready for the final coat it would turn black again. I went to the gas station to look for something else and found Turtle wax carnauba cleaner wax (liquid) it said stops oxidation. After a couple coats of that the oxidation stopped, allowed me to put on a coat, let it dry and buffed it to a beautiful shine. Something I learned years ago, living in Okinawa (maybe it is true in other places too)that you must use the correct wax on different color vehicles. A white car will oxidize badly if wrong wax is used. Anyways wanted to post this incase anyone does the same thing (one other person in my arts and crafts center also did it) or can't find Mothers brand.
Thank you for your help.

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