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Dec 12, 2009
Glass Eye 2000
by: Patrick

This is a cut and paste from the on-line Glass Eye Help.

Construction Cost page (Properties dialog box)
This page appears as part of the Properties command, and provides a spreadsheet for you to compute the construction cost or retail price of your design. In the Professional and higher editions, by first selecting elements of your design the materials properties will be calculated for only those elements. Versions of the Professional Edition purchased before the release of Glass Eye 2000 v2.0 will require an upgrade for this feature to be available.

You may enter monetary values for glass area, came/foil length, and number of pieces. You might choose to enter all three values or only one or two, depending on your preferences. You may also enter a profit value as a percent.

The computation for glass cost assumes a single price for all glass. If you wish to assign costs to each type of glass, do so on the Glass Usage page and check the box at the bottom.

This page tells you if all the pieces in the design have been colored. If not, you can choose to have uncolored pieces considered or not considered as part of the computation. You are also shown the size of your design or design selection, excluding text.

Units (inches, feet, centimeters, or meters) are set using the Units and Precision command. The currency used is determined by your Windows country setting. Depending on the currency, you are likely to have more precision than typically appears with prices. For example, United States dollars will appear in the format $1.2345, allowing you to set unit prices in fractions of a cent.

The figure for glass usage does not account for the heart thickness of lines. The computation of this value assumes a heart thickness of zero.

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