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Jan 27, 2012
Yes, I am trying
by: artipachi

I am trying to get the black patina at home. I got the formula (like the Novacan black patina) but I need some chemical advice about how to procedure with the components.

Mar 15, 2010
black patina
by: Glasscrafters

Try adding sulphuric acid to copper sulphate to get black patina

Feb 08, 2010
Patina Blk
by: Johanne louise

Hi I am so glad that you all tried to make this black patina I am new at this and I wanted to find a way to make copper patina as I did and how with this key of Black Patina .How wonderful life is when you can make it your-seft without buying it.
That the glory of doing things and making your way instead of always buying..Sometimes you spend more on products and it adds up to your projects and the exacts end of your glass piece and the cost is higher...Thank-you for the piece of advice


Jul 27, 2009
Vinegar and salt
by: Bergljot

I put in the salt after I added the vinegar. When there is enough salt in the solution it stoppes dissolving, so do not be afraid to put in some quantity the overdose just falls to the bottom.

Jul 27, 2009
The way to make black patina
by: Bergljot

Hi again.
Thanks for your fast reply. Reading your website yesterday I read the solutions you gave to someone on how to make copper patina, and also that you could black patina even blacker by adding some vinegar or salt to it, but it would ruin copper patina to do so.
Why will it ruin it I thought, and what will happen. Becauce I am a very curiour person I decided to find out. I added a little vinegar to my copper patina, and nothing happened, everything still had this coppery effect, but as I added salt into the solution it turned green. Wow, wow wow I thought I must be turning into a real scientist, but hopefully not Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of adventure. Well I tried this new green stuff on my soldering and it turned out black as night.
So even if I did not get a full answer, I found the puzzle pieces on your website. Thank you, and I hope this also comes in handy for other people.


Thank you for experimenting. Did you add the salt to the patina that had vinegar in it, or did you add it to copper patina without vinegar?

I'm sure this will be helpful advice for many people. I often get questions about making patina from people that can't buy it where they live.


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