Is There a Blue Patina?

by Jess

My brother wants me to do a project for him. The best way to do it would be to patina all the solder blue. I haven't been able to find anything about it and I was wondering if there was any way to do this.



No, there isn't a blue patina. The closest you can come is green patina. It is made by JAX. It isn't a brilliant green, it looks more like copper that has turned green. It's actually more on the blue side of green.

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Feb 07, 2011
blue patina
by: b wright

Tim McCreight has a book called "The Complete Metalsmith(ISBN:0-87192-240-1)on page 36 it has a recipe for a blue patina on copper.This book is a must for stained glass people.If you are like me and don't like get a book without looking at it first,Go to your local library and check it out,then if you like it you can buy it.I think you'll be happy with it.I personally have not tried this recipe.hope this helps

Jan 06, 2011
Blue Patina
by: Art

You don't say whether you are using the foil or came method for construction in your project. We had a piece where the lead lines (foil method) just simply would not come out black using the Black Patina. Finally we ended up using a black permanent magic marker on all the lead lines. When we read your post we wondered if this would work for you. A blue permanent magic marker would give you a dark gun metal blue. We wax our pieces twice following patina treatment to protect the finish. The piece we used this on was shipped to the UK and hung in a bathroom window about eight months ago and has; according to the owners, held up very well with no noticeable change in the patina, (yes we asked.) Depending on the shade of blue you are seeking you may be able to explore this further and make it work for you. A note of caution: the ink does bleed to the surrounding area so go very lightly. Also we found a not so sharp marker point (a little worn) is better to work with. We have only done this twice where the color would not take to our satisfaction so understandably this is all the help we can provide. We used a "Sharpie" brand marker by the way. Good luck with your project!

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