by Dustin West
(Fresno, Ca)

This is my first project o.k. 2nd (if you look real close @ the background on the right you can see my 1st, its a small light house above the chair on the shelf and well I'm not going to brag about it

This piece I designed for my Mom who is a (anything) light house collector of sorts and for old times sake (see story below) decided to go one better than just a light house so I designed it so: by removing the top it then becomes a kaleidoscope (which you can see in the pic that it was put back on slightly crooked)

It was 22-23 years ago with Christmas around the corner and money was tight my Mom had an idea to make kaleidoscopes from Pringles potato chip cans and sell them on the side of the road in hopes to get some Christmas money. Well that didn't happen, she did however spark my interests in kaleidoscopes.

A few years later in high school I took a stained glass class and loved it. Although I couldn't afford to make anything, I did pay attention and learned the basics which apparently is like riding a bike. 20 years of "some day..." I decided enough with the "some day.." only to be discouraged after realizing I was going to need a lot more than $150 which I didn't have so I decided to check Craigs List. The very first post under arts and crafts was stained glass tools and supplies so I called and made arrangements to go to their house and this old man takes me out to his shed and for $150 I got not only the basic tools but a box of supplies to boot, extra grinding heads, lots of foil and of course some glass. In all I easily walked out with $400 worth of tools and supplies. That guy was my stained glass angel. To add even more weird "meant to be" to the story, once I got home I noticed that on the box was a label with my name on it, it was a different last name but still the name Dustin isn't all that common. So anyways that's my, how I got into stained glass, story. Thank you for reading.

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