Large Piece of Glass for Copper Foil

by Brenda

I am making a 33" x 24" glass panel with a Sigma Chi cross in the middle. The cross is approx. 22" x 15". The corners of the cross where the crossbars come together are curved - not perpendiular. I have a saw that I can use to cut the cross in one piece. Is this too large to do as one piece?


I wouldn't do it in one piece, especially with the shape of a cross. You have some very sharp angles to cut which will cause stress on the glass. The stress makes the glass much more likely to break when it is being soldered. The heat from your iron is just enough to quite possibly make it crack.

Glass will break in as straight a line as possible. There's no way to explain it other than...that's what glass does. If there are extreme cuts in glass, made by a saw, the glass still wants to break in as straight line a line as possible, so given the slightest chance, that's what it will do.

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