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May 05, 2009
by: Adrian

HI Sue

As of this morning - it's 'all change'

The new plan is that the panel will be the same size as the (visible) window-glass - and will sit on the 'beading' that secures the double-glazed unit in place...

From discussions with my local stained-glass supplier - it seems that 'H-section' lead will do the job of framing the panel - and I will have to look at the fine detail of how to secure the window in place.

At the moment I'm considering a couple of small screws into the bottom of the plastic beading so that the open part of the H-came can sit over the screws - then possibly some clips or maybe even a small piece of metal screwed in to the top edges of the beading and wrapped around the front face of the H-section. Some people have suggested mastic to glue the panel in place....

Any comments you might have would be welcome!

Many thanks

Comment from Sue

I'm having trouble visualizing what you want to do. It sounds like it wouldn't look terribly professional, but I could be way off base here!

If the beading if flat, you could adhere it with mastic, but getting it off, if you ever needed to repair it, could be difficult.

Would it be too difficult to remove the original beading and get wider beading that would hold the panel in place? You would have to make the panel the same size as the existing glass in the window so it would fit correctly.

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