Make a Kaleidoscope

Have you ever met anyone that wasn't
fascinated with a Kaleidoscope?

They didn't want to put it down and they invited
everyone nearby to have a look.

Stained glass kaleidoscopes are an exciting project to make, not only because they are so beautiful, but they make such an unique gift
for anyone, and for any occasion.

Best of all...

They Are Easy and Fun to Make
Anyone That Has Basic Stained Glass Skills
Can Make A Kaleidoscope

They sell very well...people can't resist them

Wheeled Kaleidoscope

I'll bet you're thinking...

"I can't possibly make that. It looks way too difficult."

It's not too difficult. I'll walk you through, step by step.
You'll have your first kaleidoscope done in no time.

I'm right here and ready to help if you need me.
If you have any questions, my email address
is at the end of the ebook.

Once you learn how to make a kaleidoscope, you'll have the
basic techniques for making other 3-D projects.

You'll be on your way to making exciting and unique
handmade gifts for any occasion or, better yet, to sell.

book "Make a Kaleidoscope" features step by step instructions, with pictures.

You'll learn how to make two different types of kaleidoscopes.

It comes with a valuable bonus ebook that any glass crafter would love to have.

In addition, you get a 30 day, money back guarantee.



My name is Sue Spire, also known as The Stained Glass Lady, and the author of "Make a Kaleidoscope".

I've been working with stained glass for over 37 years. I love making kaleidoscopes. They intrigue everyone that see them. I have developed some unique techniques that will be shared with you in this ebook. I know you won't find many of these techniques anywhere else.

My passion is teaching stained glass. Hundreds of people have taken my classes over the last 37 years and, without question, learning how to make a stained glass kaleidoscope has been one of their favorite classes. I now teach people all over the world about working with stained glass, using my web site, Free Patterns For Stained Glass, as my classroom.

I know you'll absolutely love making kaleidoscopes using my instructions!

Not only will you be learning how to make a stained glass kaleidoscope, but these techniques can be used for other 3-D project you'll want to make.

This book will open up a whole new world of stained glass projects for you.

You are just moments away from learning how to make your own Stained Glass Kaleidoscope. I will show you many tips and techniques that will make it easy.

PS...I'll tell you a secret. I love the kaleidoscopes I make and I hate giving them away, or even worse selling them. I want to keep all of them, and it takes a very special person to talk me out of one! I've made kaleidoscopes as gifts for my closest relatives and then deliberated whether I really wanted to give that kaleidoscope away.

Everything you need to know to make two types of stained glass kaleidoscopes is available in this one book

  • How to precisely cut the glass
  • How to foil the glass
  • Two methods to put the four sides together
  • How to construct the sides
  • How to make the eye piece
  • How to make the mirror assembly
  • How to the axle
  • How to make the wheels
  • How to make an image chamber

Think of. . .

  • The convenience of being able to instantly download the book and making your first kaleidoscope Today
  • All of the beautiful gifts you can make.

  • Something new you can sell at crafts shows...who could resist buying a beautiful stained glass kaleidoscope.

  • The pleasure you'll get from creating something so unique.

"Make a kaleidoscope" will teach you all of the techniques necessary to make a stained glass kaleidoscope. Nothing else is necessary to get started, other than your desire to create something beautiful!

Here is a Sample of What You'll Find in the Book

Page 11...Make and Attach the Legs:

legs cut

On two of the pieces draw lines exactly as shown in the picture above, including the...

Page 14...Making the Eyepiece:

making the eyepiece

Stick the contact circle in the center of the glass. Apply the etching cream, following the directions....

Page 17...Mirror Assembly:

Mirror in place

Slide the mirror into the outer shell. It should fit snuggly. If it's loose, take it out and...

  • You'll be making beautiful kaleidoscopes very soon. Your book is just a download away.

  • No more staring at the very limited selection of kaleidoscope making books on store shelves, wondering which one to choose.

  • No more disappointing instructions that tell you what to do, but don't explain
    how to do it.


I am so confident that you will love this book that I am giving a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't find this book easy to follow, leaving nothing to your imagination, let me know. Your money will be refunded, No Questions Asked.

This book has 47 pages:

3....Introduction to Wheeled Kaleidoscope
4....Materials List
5....Cutting Strips
7....Foiling the Strips
8....Forming a Triangle
9....Soldering the V
10...Cut and Attach the Rod
11...Make and Attach the Legs
14...Eye Piece
17...Mirror Assembly
20...Make the Wheels
25...Attaching the Wheels
28...Wheel Patterns
30...Notes For Wheeled Kaleidoscope
33...Introduction to Image Chamber Kaleidoscope
34...Materials List
35...Cut and Foil the Strips
40...Mirror Assembly
43...Image Chamber

wheeled kaleidoscope

"Make a Kaleidoscope" puts the skills in your hands to be able to construct a beautiful stained glass kaleidoscope. It's easy to do when you follow the step by step directions in this 46 page book.

Are you ready to Make a Kaleidoscope?

Ordering "Make a Kaleidoscope" is simple. It only takes a minute to order, and you will get it right away, as an Adobe PDF document. If you don't have the free Adobe Reader, you can get it Here



"Make a Kaleidoscope" is only $19.95 USD, and it has a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days from date of purchase.

To Purchase, Click This Button: Buy Now

Free Bonus With Your Purchase

Patina FAQ eBook

You will find questions and answers about Using Patina in this 28 page eBook. These are real questions and answers that have been asked on my web site. It should be very useful for anyone that uses Patina. Some of the areas covered are zinc and black patina, copper foil and black patina, copper foil and copper patina, patina for lead came, and more.

Start creating your own kaleidoscopes TODAY. "Make a Kaleidoscope" is an easy download. Your order will be placed through E-Junkie, a secure authorized billing agent that works in conjunction with PayPal.

About Downloading Your Ebooks:
You do not need a PayPal account if you use a credit card. They will validates your credit card, and upon successful payment you will be returned to a special page to make the download of "Make a Kaleidoscope", and your free bonus book "Patina FAQ" . All for only $19.95.

Buy Now

This book can now be purchased as a Soft Cover book at

And as a Digital Book at Kindle

I am confident that you will be making beautiful kaleidoscopes very soon,


Contact Me

Visit my web site at Free Patterns For Stained Glass for numerous stained glass tutorials and hundreds of free patterns.

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