Making a round leaded panel

by Donna

What is the best way to start a 22" round leaded stained glass piece? Is there a jig for round pieces? Do I put it together then border it or do I start from the border like square and rectangle pieces? I'm sending a picture of the pattern in color. I've never done a round piece and wasn't sure to the right way to begin. Thank you.


Hi Donna,

There are 2 ways you can go about it. Draw a second line around the perimeter of the circle that shows where the outer edge of the lead will sit. If one piece of lead will go around the edge, lay part of it (with the rest dangling) down, so the edge of the lead touches the edge of the line. Use horse shoe nails every couple of inches, to hold the lead in place. Make sure you have something like scrap lead in the channel so the nails don't make dents in the lead. Pull the rest of the lead in place as you work around the panel. This would be so much easier to explain with pictures!

The second way to do it is to get a large piece of window glass. Cut a circle out of the center of the glass. It will be the same diameter as the panel where the hart of the perimeter lead would sit. When you cut out the circle, you want to keep what's left (there should be 4 pieces), not the circle. The pieces left will act as your jig. You will lay 2 of them around 1/2 of the circle, up to where the hart of the lead will sit. You will now slip the lead over the edges of the glass jig (the edges where the circle came out), and start constructing your panel. The window glass will take the place of the wood strips you would use when constructing a square or rectangular window. You will have to hold the window glass in place with horse shoe nails, since you can't hold it down like you would wood strips.

I hope this makes sense. If not, ask again and I'll try to get some drawings that will explain it better.

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