Omitting putty in a clear glass piece.

by Glenn
(Murrieta, CA)

Blue at bottom is a sofa.

Blue at bottom is a sofa.

Hi Sue,

Is it absolutely necessary to putty a project when it will be mounted inside of a picture window with no exposure to the elements?

I have experience with several stained glass projects and always have puttied or cemented the channel of the lead came. The reason I am thinking about omitting the putty on my present project is because it will have clear diamond bevels inserted into 3/8” flat lead came where the inside of the came is plainly visible through the clear edges of the bevels. It would seem that inserting putty, even if it is black, would create an unsightly appearance of the edges.

I understand that putty also cushions the glass and prevents it from rattling. I am planning to push the leaves of the came down on the back side of the project onto the glass and hope it will be tight enough so as not to rattle. I am also being extra careful to get the glass as tight as possible as I proceed.

Even so, I am apprehensive about making a mistake by omitting the putty. What do you think?

Thank you,
Glenn Pettus

P.S. Your website is great!

Hi Glenn,

I guess it really doesn't matter if you putty or not, as long as the panel is not going to be exposed to any type of movement, or exposed to the elements.

The technique you plan to use sounds fine. My only concern is that that lead can stretch over time (years)...not a lot, but enough for the glass to start rattling if it isn't puttied.

Why don't you make a small panel with perhaps 4 or 6 bevels and putty it to see what it would look like. You might be surprised at the effect.

For another idea, take the drawing, that you put above here, and make all of the lines black. That would show you what the panel would look like with blackened lead and black putty. The black would really make those bevels stand out. That's the way I'd do it, but I love the look of black lead around clear glass.

I'm sure whatever way you decide to proceed, the window will be beautiful. Please put a picture on the photo gallery when it's finished. I'm sure everyone reading this would like to see it.

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