One handed work

by Ken

Dear Sue, You may or may not remember me from about 2 or so years ago. My name is Ken & I started working with glass with the foil method. I have only one arm from a motorcycle accident. I had asked for any suggestions you or your bloggers had.

I guess I am just updating you on my progress. I didn't receive much help but I am not complaining. In most of the things I have ever done, I've had to figure things out my own way.

Anyway, I have been fairly busy in working with the glass. I've done about 20 pieces of different sizes. I really enjoy using old windows for frames. I've done 5 different ones this way.

A couple of the topics I have seen comments about, are the foilers and using grinders. I purchased a table foiler and find that it helps tremendously. It's not always straight, but it's speed in applying the foil helps alot. Ajusting some places is easier. It doesn't fold the foil well at all, but it applies to the edge great. I just have to "finger burnish" the bottom side as I go along to keep it from catching on the table.

I adapted my drill press to make a grinder. I got a couple of pieces of hard plastic counter top and attached them to the press and drilled a couple of reservoir holes in it. I have a bottle of water to keep it wet. I'm working on a pump design. This is better for me because I'm tall and don't have to bend over as much. I find that I use the grinder alot to clean up my cuts. Mostly from being off on my cuts some.

I just ordered a Taurus 3 saw. I'm waiting on it to come. I should help quit a bit. How do you feel about these and do you have any tips about them?

Thru Armstrong's blog I meet a wonderful lady that has helped me alot with tips and critic. She is on Artfire under "Glass2njoy". She has been very patient and answered my many, many questions. We have become friends since we live fairly close to each other. From her, your tutorials, and youtube I feel I can call myself a good amatuer and learning.

I'm sending a couple of pics and would appreciate a true critic of them. I need to know what's wrong to get better. I appreciate family and friends telling me they like them, but I need to be sure. As a teacher you understand, I'm sure.

Thanx for listening to my going on and on. I hope you and yours has a Merry Christmas.



Hi Ken,

Thank you for updating me on your progress. Your work is amazing! I honestly can't see any area that needs improvement.

I'm sorry that you didn't get much help from your initial request here. When a person hasen't "been there done that", there is no experience to draw from. I am so glad that you found a mentor that has helped you.

Your grinder sounds interesting. If you ever take a picture of it I'd love to see it and I'm sure everyone reading this would also.

The ring saw should be a big help to you. Be aware that there is a learning curve with ring saws. The blade cuts a much wider path than a glass cutter, so you will have to adjust your glass placement in reference to the line to be cut and the blade. Also, mark your lines with a paint pen. That way, the line won't wash off from the water as you'r cutting.

Please keep us posted with pictures of your work.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

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Dec 23, 2010
by: Ken

THank you all for your comments. My best advice to you for when you start looking for a hammer to use, is to walk away for awhile. I do this alot.
I am in a position that I seldom have to worry about time. If I'm doing a piece for someone, I make sure they understand that I will be doing it at my pace.
Thank you all again.
Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Dec 20, 2010
One handed work
by: Ann

You are truly an inspiration! You're an extraordinary example of "where there's a will there's a way." Your work looks great.

Dec 20, 2010
One handed work
by: Debbie

I think your work is great for only having one arm. Next time I get frustrated with a project I will think of you! I especially love the old window. Great idea!
Have a Merry Christmas.

Dec 20, 2010
One Handed Work
by: Patrick

Good work Ken. Keep it up. The Taurus Ring Saw should make it a little easier for you. I can't imagine how I would keep doing glass work if I only had one arm.


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