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Aug 20, 2011
black patina 4 zinc
by: Al


Try using super brite copper patina for solder after preping your zinc

Mar 30, 2011
Blackening zinc cane
by: Gordy

Cupric nitrate crystals
Add to water until you have a medium blue tint.
Steel wool the cane until shiny, make sure there are no oils from your fingers on it, then apply with a cloth or spray on in a heavy mist. let sit for 10 minutes and rinse or use wet cloth.Let dry and you rub with a dry cloth or use 0000 steel wool to tone it down. With a dry cloth it will produce a flat, jet black finish.

Dec 21, 2010
blacking zinc came
by: Anonymous

black permanent marker works well.

Sep 14, 2010
Patina for zinc came
by: Anonymous

I found out, quite by accident, that using copper patina for lead on zinc turns it black much quicker than black patina for zinc. I tried the black patina made especially for zinc and was very disappointed so I just kept trying all of my patinas until something worked. Copper worked and turned my zinc a nice black.

Apr 03, 2008
Thanks for the help
by: Susan

I tried all the above and came to the conclusion that the best one was to tin the came and use the same patina I used for the lead lines.

The results were not consistent with any of the other methods.


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