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Do you have patina-questions? Are you having problems using patina? This is the place where you can ask a question about anything related to patina and I will give you an answer or help you solve the problem. It's free and it's easy to do. Scroll down the page to ask your questions, or click here to jump down to the place where you can
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Before you ask your question, have a look at the Previously Asked Questions. Someone might have already asked your question, and the answer is there along with comments from other stained glass hobbyists.

Rather than answering individual questions via email, this will give everyone a chance to ask their questions about patina problems, read about problems that others are having, and find out how to solve them. It will become a FAQ about working with patina.

The advice I give is only my way of doing it. Please help me by contributing to the answers. This is a two way web and me. You can ask a question, answer a question or do both. You can become my co-expert with these questions by writing how you've dealt with the problem in the comments section below.

Of course you can still Contact Me if you have a question that you feel would not benefit others or needs a personal response.

If you have questions or problems that are not about Patina, please do not ask them on this page.

You can go here for Lead Came Questions

Here for Copper Foil Questions

Here for Trouble Cutting Glass

Here for Soldering Questions

And here for All Other Questions related to Stained Glass Work.

Important: I want to be able to help you, so please provide as much information as possible. If a picture would help me solve the problem, please upload a picture (there are instructions for uploading pictures).

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Patina Stains Glass 
Hi, i have made my 6th copper foil project and have a problem with the last one that I didn't come across with the others. I have used reclaimed glass …

Miscellaneous Patina Questions 
After applying black patina and polishing a project can I go back and add more solder on top of patina and then re patina Answer You can, but it's …

Gold or Brass Patina 
Is there any recipe for brass like patina ? Thanks Answer You can experiment with copper sulphate crystals. Mix them with warm water. The amount …

Is There a Blue Patina? 
My brother wants me to do a project for him. The best way to do it would be to patina all the solder blue. I haven't been able to find anything about …

patina alternative  
I am low on cash and would like to find an alternative to patina to color my solder. Is there anything I could use that would be really cheap? Answer …

Patina for Lead 
i urgently need some black patina but my supplier is closed today. I must have my piece ready today. can i use black shoe polish on the lead? Answer …

Ammonia Dangerous to Stained Glass? 
I read in your article on Copper Patina to use Ammonia to clean the glass. My glass teacher told us NEVER to use ammonia based cleaners on our stained …

Black Patina Problems 
After I wax and polish my black patina it realy has faded out to almost a bronze. The polish I use says it cleans and polishes. Is it the type of polish …

I Used the Wrong Type of Patina 
I'm a newbee (2nd project)and bought black patina for zinc then used it on solder. It looks grey and not really bad on the project. My question is what …

Oxidation on Patina 
I made a panel for my bathroom window-copper foil-and put black patina on it. It has been up 2-3 months and the solder lines are turning white with oxidation. …

Patina on Zinc Problems  
I'm having trouble with patina for zinc not taking evenly. I clean my work well with soap and water. Dry well,then steel wool until shinny while wearing …

Copper Patina Problems 
Hi, Thank you for the great information on this site! I'd love to know of a patina approach that will reliably produce the verdigris look that occurs …

Patina Problems 
After applying patina to a project, I have been finding patches of copper foil showing through. At first I thought I had not covered the entire piece …

Locating Copper Patina Finishing
Products In Australia
Good morning, Firstly, I love your website. I have found it to be a very helpful site. More like having a teacher in the room with you, easy to follow …

Patina Problems 
I don't understand how you can leave the patina on for so long{black or copper} because it stains the glass. Also I use Dawn,yes what you wash dishes with …

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