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Mar 17, 2012
Rapid Resizer Online for Mac
by: Patrick Roberts


There's now a basic Rapid Resizer that runs in your web browser, so it works on Macs and even iPads.

Reply...thanks for the heads up Patrick.

Oct 03, 2009
Rapid Resizer
by: Dave

I use an auto-cad program for my designs and print a copy (Can't copy and paste) then run a scan of my design. It can be any size then.

Aug 10, 2009
comment re: Glass Eye
by: Lisa Seger

Just wanted to give some input on the Glass Eye program, as I am a frequent user of it. I am a windows user, but would assume that the Mac version is just as good.
I downloaded the 30 day free trial, and then later paid for the basic program, even though I was still able to use the trial even after it expired. There are several versions of Glass Eye, depending on your needs, but the basic program is good if you just want to create designs or use some of theirs, and then resize to whatever you need. You can upload any jpg image to it by adding background to a new blank page, so if you have a pattern that you just need to resize, that free trial is perfect for that.
If you have one of the upgraded programs of Glass Eye, you can use different types of glass in your pattern planning, to see how it looks. You can also give an estimate using the portion of the program where you enter square ft of glass, lead, solder, foil etc. So if you take custom orders, this program is a must have! It's also pretty user friendly, and the selection of patterns available within the program is pretty extensive.
Good Luck!
PS. Thanks, Sue, for the opportunity to share this information, and thanks, as always, for all your helpful information. With the help of your website, I have learned enough, in just one year of making stained glass, to be able to take custom orders and start making some extra money doing what I truly love!


Lisa, I'm proud of you. It's heartwarming to read a story like yours. I wish you all the best in your stained glass future.


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