Use a Pencil Grip Glass Cutter
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Pencil Grip Glass Cutter

The pencil grip glass cutter is the one I use most often. However, I must explain that I have two extra long pencil grip glass cutters, not the short ones, like the one you see to your left, that is readily available today (well I do have one, but more about that later).

One of my long cutters is almost 30 years old. It has had several new wheels since it's beginning. The other one was given to me, by a Toyo representative several years ago, so I know they are still made, just very hard to find.

I have searched my studio high and low to find my short cutter, but it has disappeared. I'm assuming we left it somewhere while we were doing work away from our studio. Therefore, in the photos, you will see me using the long pencil cutter. It is not held any differently than the short one, there is just more of the cutter sticking out at the top.

Using Your Pencil Grip Glass Cutter

using a pencil grip glass cutter

If you have a pencil grip glass cutter, hold it like this.
Maintain the same pressure through out the score. Don't
let up on the pressure until you have rolled the cutter
over the ending edge of the glass.

another view of holding a pencil grip glass cutter

Here's another view, starting the score.
Notice how I use my left thumb to steady
the wheel as I start the score.

Here is another way I hold my cutter. Actually, it's the way I hold it most often. I know it looks strange, but I find it very comfortable, and I can see exactly where the wheel is at all times. I call this the "dagger style".

holding cutter dagger style

I start at the far edge of the glass and pull
the cutter towards me. Since I am short, this
method gives me the ability to see where I'm
at with all cuts, whether they are long or
short, curved or straight.

Look closely at the placement of the head of the cutter in relation to the edge of my hand. Make sure you aren't holding the head in your palm. You won't be able to see the wheel and you'll be dragging your fist over the glass.

pulling towards you dagger style

Pulling the glass cutter towards me. Notice how I am guiding the wheel with my left index finger.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

There are at least 8 brands of pencil grip (or comfort grip as some brands are referred to) cutters available. Each one claims to be better then the rest, so making the choice will have to be between you and your stained glass supplier. I have only used two different brands, so I can't fairly say which of the eight is best. Plus, what's best for me might not necessarily be best for you.

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