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Stained Glass Photo-Gallery is the place where you can submit your pictures and proudly show off your stained glass work to the world. You'll be able to see your picture on your very own web page, and it will be featured on the slideshow that you see below.

To anyone viewing these photos, these are not free patterns. This page is exclusively for my web site visitors to show off their work.

Visitors Creations

Submitting a picture of your stained glass work to this site is free, easy and fun. Just fill in the form below and hit the submit button. When your submission is accepted, your photo will become a "LIVE" page on this site. That's right...YOU get to submit pictures and have your own page on this website.

The pictures can be in any area of glass work. For example cold glass, hot glass, foil, lead, stepping stones, beads, fused pieces, 3-dimensional, etc.

We all love to take pictures of our work and show them to our friends and family. Now you can impress them even more by giving them the URL to your own page. They can view your pictures and leave comments.

You can also leave comments (be nice!) on the photos that other stained glass hobbyists have submitted.

This stained glass gallery is for You, the visitors of this site. Enjoy!

Please be aware that visitors to this site might pin your photographs on Pinterest. Once there, the photos could be used by other stained glass artists. If you don't want this to happen, do not upload a photograph of your work to this sharing site.

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see pictures from other visitors to this page...

This is my first project o.k. 2nd (if you look real close @ the background on the right you can see my 1st, its a small light house above the chair on …

Stepping Stones 
This one took a 5 weeknights to redesign and cut out. 8" stepping stone Northern lights surround the spirit bear as it touches nose with the polar bear. …

Windows and Sidelites 
20+ hours. Copper foil and lead.

Fish Panels and Suncatchers 
I found a photo on the internet and it remined me of a dear friend of ours who is a fly fisherman. I created a pattern from the photo and this is the …

"Every cloud has a silver lining" 
I wonder how a small a funny accident can change one's world... I purchased some of these candle lamps for the decoration purposes, glass paining is one …

Bird and Animal Stained Glass Work 
A giraffe made for a friend who just loves them.

Musical Instruments etc 
Hi! My name is Ruslany and I real like Stained Glass work.

Randy's Stained Glass projects 
This is made from a pattern I modified from "Paned Expressions" studio. The mottled glass in the fish's body inspired me to do this piece. I think there …

I have been doing stain glass only for a few months now. This angel is one of many in a pattern book. The angel is done in foil an took me about two weeks. …

"Suthing C" Windchimes 
I started a night class Copper Foil/Leadlight Course. I learnt the basics over an 8 week course, and never completed a project whilst on the course, however …

3-D Stained Glass 
I can't remember which site I came across this idea but I thought it would be a nice addition to Xmas decorations. Merry Christmas to all.

Miscellaneous Stained Glass Picturess 
This is a bamboo panel I made to cover a light above my terrarium. It is made with wine and beer bottles that I cut into strips.

Tobys Stained Glass Houses 
Lit houses from Toby

The 6th Little Monkey 
The "Five Little Monkeys" rhyme was the inspiration for this project, which was designed and created for my autistic grandson when he learned the song …

Patrick's Stained Glass Projects 
I created this piece in foil after seeing a Group of Seven exhibition at the art gallery. This was my favorite piece. The original by Lawren Harris is …

Do you have any original patterns, that you designed yourself, that you'd like to share with other visitors to this web site? If you do, go here to learn how to do it.

If you have questions or comments about this gallery page please feel free to Contact Me.

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