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Feb 19, 2009
Thank you
by: Judi

Thank you for the trick with the pop-cicle sticks. It works GREAT. No more burnt finger tips. Now I can place the ring exactly where I want it and concentrate on making the solder joint look presentable.

Feb 11, 2009
Placing Rings on a Suncatchers
by: Anonymous

I am an extreme butterfingers where this feat is concerned, but this works really well for me. I lay my piece face-down on my workbench. I take my ring and literally tape one end of it with masking tape to the very end of a couple of popsicle sticks that have been taped together so that they are approximately the same thickness as the glass, therefore hold the ring at the same level as it needs to be to be soldered to the back of the suncatcher. (You could use anything that provides the correct height and won't melt.) Make sure the ring extends well past the edge of the sticks so that the untaped part will lie on top of the edge of the suncatcher exactly where you want it. Now that it is securely in place there you can just drop a blob of solder on it and it will not move or burn your fingers. If it still moves, you can secure it further by laying something heavy like a hammer on the sticks, and that really keeps it in place. Someone more inventive and motivated than me could probably come up with something more efficient than all this, but it does work.

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