Wondering how to reinforce stained glass panels or windows?

How to reinforce stained glass can
be confusing when you read about it.
There's re-rods and re-bars and re-strip.
What do you use and how do you
know when and where to use it?

This Reinforce Stained Glass ebook will walk you through everything you need
to know about reinforcing both copper foil
and lead came panels or windows.

You'll be reinforcing your stained
glass panels like a pro in no time.


book "Reinforcement" features step by step instructions, with pictures.

You'll learn about internal and external reinforcement for copper foil and lead came

This ebook comes with a 30 day, no questions
asked, money back guarantee.

When you order you'll get a bonus ebook, for free, that any glass crafter would love to have.

"Reinforcement is only $19.95 USD, and it has a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days from date of purchase.

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My name is Sue Spire, also known as The Stained Glass Lady, and the author of
"Reinforcement" an ebook about How to Reinforce Stained Glass Panels or Windows..

I've been working with stained glass since 1975. My husband and I owned a retail stained glass business for 12 years and in that time we reinforced most of the custom windows that we made in our studio. In this ebook I will share with you the techniques that we used then, and still use today in the restoration work that we presently do.

My passion is teaching stained glass. Hundreds of people have taken my classes over the years and have learned the same techniques that you will find in this ebook. I now teach people all over the world about working with stained glass, using my web site, Free Patterns For Stained Glass, as my classroom.

I know you'll be reinforcing your stained glass panels and windows in no time

You are just moments away from learning how to Reinforce your stained glass work. I will show you all of the tips and techniques that will make it easy.

Everything you need to know about how to reinforce
stained glass is available in this one book:

  • When to reinforce
  • What to reinforce
  • How to use internal reinforcement
  • How to use external reinforcement
  • How to reinforce copper foil
  • How to reinforce lead came


Think of. . .

  • The Convenience of being able to instantly download the book so you can start reinforcing your panels Today
  • The Confidence you'll gain, knowing your panels will be safe from buckling or bowing.
  • The Pleasure you'll get from constructing a panel or window like a professional.

"Reinforcement" will teach you all of the techniques necessary to reinforce stained glass panels or windows. Nothing else is necessary to get started, other than buying a few supplies.

  • You'll be reinforcing your panels very soon. Your book is just a download away.

  • No more wondering if your panel needs reinforcement, or wondering how to do it.

  • No more disappointing instructions from resources that tell you what to do, but don't show you how to do it.


I am so confident that you will love this book that I am giving a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't find this book easy to follow, leaving nothing to your imagination, let me know. Your money will be refunded, No Questions Asked.

This book has 33 pages:

4....................................................Getting Started
8.................How to Reinforce with Copper Re-strip
10.......How to use Copper Re-strip with Copper Foil
14.........How to use Copper Re-strip with Lead Came
17....................Re-Rods for External Reinforcement
18........................Installing a Re-rod on Lead Came
24....................Re-bars for External Reinforcement
25..................Attaching a Re-bar to a Lead Window
30................Attaching a Re-Bar to a Foiled Window
33.........Notes About Other Uses for Copper Re-strip


"Reinforcement" puts the skills in your hands to be able to construct a beautiful stained glass panel that you know will be secure. It's easy to do when you follow the step by step instructions in this 33 page book.

Are you ready to learn how to reinforce stained glass panels and windows?

Ordering "Reinforcement" is simple. It only takes a minute to order, and you will get it right away as an Adobe PDF document. If you don't have the free Adobe PDF Reader, you can get it Here.



"Reinforcement is only $19.95 USD, and it has a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days from date of purchase.

To Purchase, Click This Button: Buy Now

PLEASE NOTE: This is an ebook (electronic book). It is downloaded and stored on your computer. It does not come through the mail as a hard copy.

Free Bonus With Your Purchase

Press Flowers

This Bonus Ebook will come Free with your order. . . "Press Flowers and Put Them Between Glass" is worth $4.95 on its own, but I'm giving it to you for free with your order just in case you ever want to make some wonderful gifts, box lids, Christmas ornaments, or anything else your creativity mind can imagine. This book contains step by step directions on how to press flowers and how to put them between glass.

Start reinforcing your panels TODAY. "Reinforcement" is an easy download. Your order will be placed through E-Junkie, a secure authorized billing agent that works in conjunction with PayPal.

About Downloading Your Ebooks:
You do not need a PayPal account if you use a credit card. They will validates your credit card, and upon successful payment you will be returned to a special page to make the download of "Reinforcement", and your free bonus book "Press Flowers and Put Them Between Glass" Both for only $19.95.

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I am confident that you will be Reinforcing your beautiful stained glass panels very soon,


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Visit my web site at Free Patterns For Stained Glass for numerous stained glass tutorials and hundreds of free patterns.

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