Soldering a Stained Glass Box?

by Elke Vargas
(Costa Rica)

Hello Sue. =)

I´m Elke from Costa Rica.
I want to tell you that I think your web site is very helpful and nice. I have read almost all your sections.

Some weeks ago, I started with stained glass and I like it very much. I already made a mirror project and some little sunchatchers. Now, I´d like to try a little box (8cm x 8cm x 10cm) for desktop use for my best friend.

I don´t see any problem preparing the box´s sides and bottom but I´m concern about soldering the edges. I was wondering if soldering a box is similar to making a lampshade. How can I solder the box? Is it enough soldering just the outside edges? Does it need to be solder in the inside? If yes, how can I do that?

Can you help me?

I´ll be very thankful with you.

Hi Elke,

Making a box is not much different from making a lampshade. The same principles are applied. To answer your question, yes you solder the outside seams, the inside seams and all of the edges.

To solder the inside seams you will have to move the box around so the seam you're working on is in a horizontal position.

You can use bricks covered with a towel, or anything else that's heavy and won't move, to hold the box in the correct position while you're soldering. I use Wedgies, which are a product made specifically for stained glass. You can see them Here

Use my lampshade page for general instructions on soldering the seams and edges. You can find that at Lampshade Tutorial.

Have fun making your box. If you have any more questions about it, you can contact me at Contact Me.

Since this question was asked, I have published an ebook about Making a Stained Glass Box With a Hinged Lid. You can read more about it Here.

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