Soldering While Pregnant

by Tracey

I am a beginner. I took a class a while back and decided that I would make some small stained glass christmas ornaments this year to get back into stained glass. I am also 3 months pregnant and didn't even think about soldering as being something I should avoid while pregnant. Do you think, in your opinion, that I should not solder while pregnant? Or do you think that I would be ok (it would not harm my baby) if I used a fume mask? I know you aren't a Doctor...but I just thought I would ask your opinion.

Thanks, Tracey

Awesome site, by the way!


Hi Tracey,

This is such an important topic and I'm glad you brought it up.

Do not solder while you're pregnant.

Don't do anything that creates fumes or involves using chemicals. Don't take a chance doing something that could harm that precious baby. This is common knowledge that all stained glass instructors should pass on to their students.

Please talk to your doctor before doing anything you think could be harmful to your unborn baby. If you're pregnant and have been soldering, tell your doctor.

Here's what you can do while your pregnant. Spend your time finding patterns for future projects. You can cut and foil glass (wearing a mask when grinding),then put the foiled pieces in a zip lock bag to prevent them from oxidizing. They'll be ready to solder after you've had the baby.

Have a safe and worry free pregnancy.

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May 27, 2015
Lead Exposure Safety Tips while pregnant NEW
by: Anonymous


As I am in infertility treatment myself, I have researched this subject thoroughly now and have some advice. In fact I have written an article for my website with links to all of the safety products you can use and how to stay "clean" while pregnant! I have managed to get my lead levels from 9 mcg/dl to 6 in just two weeks! Check it out here

Nov 01, 2010
je suis aussi enceinte
by: Anonymous

Bonjour, je suis aussi enceinte et je suis technicienne en électronique. Donc je soude, mais maintenant il n'y a a peu près plus de soudure au plomb. Je soude généralement sans plomb. mais en attendant de voir mon médecin, je ne pratique plus. Et même si mon médecin me dit qu'il n'y a vraiment aucun risque, je porterai un masque en plus du système de ventilation disponible. Je ne veux prendre aucun risque. Parce que entre mon travaille et mon bébé, le choix n'est pas trop difficile. La vie d'un enfant, c'est tellement précieux. On se doit de penser à lui avant tout.

Jun 09, 2009
Soldering during pregnancy
by: Angel


I read the previous posts, where you said that should never solder durring pregnancy. unfortunatelly i read too late. i'm pregnant in 8'th month, and since about two months i started a job where i have to solder about 3-5 hours every day. i didn't know nothing aout risk untill now, and now i'm in panic, that something may be wrong with my baby. can you tell me please what can be the risk ???

thank you very much


Hi Angel,

First of all, don't panic. I would imagine that you've had ultrasounds and blood work done during your pregnancy. If there was a problem, it most likely would have shown up. I'm not a doctor, so I honestly can't tell you what the exact problems could be.

You didn't say what kind of soldering you are doing. Is it stained glass, electronics, or some other type of commercial soldering.

If you're using lead free solder and working under a fume extractor hood, the dangers are most likely minimal. However, please go to your doctor as soon as possible and talk to him/her about your concerns. You need to have your mind at ease right now and your doctor can do that for you.

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