Step by Step Stained Glass Instructions

These stained glass instructions will teach you all of the basic techniques that are necessary to learn if you're a beginner. They also go into more detail for those of you that has been working with glass for a while but need to review a technique that you haven't used for a while. The instructions are all step-by-step, with pictures, covering a large range of stained glass techniques. Click on the links below to get to each specific tutorial.

Most of the following stained glass tutorials consist of more than one page of instructions. Once you have read the first page of the tutorial, click on the links near the bottom of the page to get to the next set of instructions. For instance, the Lead Came Tutorial consists of 1.Lead Came 2.Stretching and Cutting Lead Came 3.Setting Up Your Cartoon 4.Assembling A Leaded Panel 5.Soldering Lead Came 6.Putty A Leaded Panel.

Make Your Own Stained Glass Windows

Cutting Glass

holding pencil grip cutter

Cutting glass can be difficult or easy, depending on your technique. These tips and techniques will give you do's and don'ts that will help you to improve you glass cutting skills: Cutting Glass
This tutorial will show you how to hold your cutter and how to score the glass: Your Glass Cutter
You will also find links, for instructions on each specific type of glass cutter.

running pliers

This is where you can learn several ways to run the score once you have cut the glass: Running The Score

Strip Cutter

Learn how to use three different types of strip cutters. Using a Strip Cutter

Pattern Pieces and Trace Cutting

pattern pieces

trace cutting

Learn how to make pattern pieces or learn about trace cutting with these instructions: Pattern Pieces and Trace Cutting

Make Your Own Original Designs

lily drawing

Have you ever wanted to make an original design, but didn't think it would be possible? Learn how with these stained glass instructions: Learn How To Design

The Copper Foil Technique

running a solder bead

Copper Foiling is, by far, the technique used most by the stained glass hobbyist. Here you will learn everything from setting up your cartoon to finishing the edges, as well as how to repair it if it breaks: Copper Foil

cleaning a copper foil panel

To learn how to clean the panel and get a perfect patina finish, go here: Clean and Patina

The Lead Came Technique

holding the pieces in plce

These stained glass instructions will walk you through making a leaded panel. You will learn how to set up your cartoon, stretch and cut lead, lead up the glass, soldering, apply the putty, and polish and darken the lead: Lead Came

Lampshades, Water Prisms and 3-D Flowers

build panels in a jig

Make a panel lamp shade, from making sure your pattern is symmetrical to tinning a vase cap, with this tutorial: Lampshade Construction

water prism

How about a water prism? They make the most beautiful rainbows. Learn how to make one with this tutorial: Water Prism


Making 3-D flowers is fun. Here's how: 3-D Flowers

Make a Stained
Glass Box

Would you like to learn how to make a stained glass box with a hinged lid?

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More stained glass instructions will frequently be added to this web site. The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the XML/RSS feed that you will find at the bottom of the navigation bar, to the left on this page.

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