stained glass windchimes

by Terrie
(Crossville, TN)

What is the best type of stained glass to use for wind chimes? I have just cut 6 pieces of opal glass but it doesn't seem to make very relaxing sounds when each piece strikes one of the others?

Any advice?


I have made many wind chimes and have found the best sound comes from cathedral glass, although none of them are the sound you get from metal wind chimes. I have heard that fused glass wind chimes give a nicer "tinkling" sound.

Make sure you drill a hole in each piece of glass to hang it by. I use Tiger Tail wire with crimp beads for hanging. Also, the sound you get from holding one piece of glass and hitting it against another will not be the same as when they are free hanging and striking each other in the wind.

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Jun 22, 2012
Another way
by: Anonymous

After many many chimes... I woke up with this thought. I had been wrapping each piece with foil... soldering and then soldering little rings to the strips of glass. VERY time consuming... Now, I am using tinned 22 gauge wire and wrapping around the top of the glass strip... which I ground a slight indentation on each side of the strip to hold the wire. Saved on solder .. .. and has a nice tinkling sound. I make costume jewelry as well, and I use unsold necklaces and bracelets to add into the centers to hang the 'clacker' on... recycling!

May 01, 2011
glass windchimes
by: Anonymous

I have been fusing for many many years. I have windchimes on my porch that I made without fusing the glass and several that have fused glass chimes. One set of chimes fused has been on the porch for 10 years through all kinds of weather and has never broken. On the otherhand, my other set that was with chimes that had not been fused have been out there maybe longer, they have never broke but the sound is almost silent. Fused chimes have various sounds depending on length and width of fused glass.

Sep 26, 2010
Wind chime
by: Lori Ann

I just made a windchime yesterday and I used long red strips of scrap that I had leftover from straightening the edges of large pieces. They are about 3/8" to 1/2" wide and 5-6"long. I wrapped the top of the strip with copper foil and while wrapping I put in little jumprings and soldered it all together. Didn't have to drill any holes this way. The ring is nice and tight in the foil. Am using more jump rings to attach it to the main body. Like you said, it isn't a real pretty sound like you get from metal but I am happy with it. I found that the thinner your strip is the 'tinklier' it sounds. I will be making more for sure.

Sep 26, 2010
WInd schimes
by: Valerie Lowich Iskierka

I've made many wind chimes from fusible glass and they are strong and sound lovely.

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