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Hi, I'm The Stained Glass Lady also known as Sue to my friends and family. My husband and I have been working with stained glass for over 30 years. We started way back when grinders were exclusive to large production studios, and oil cutters didn't exist. There were no running pliers, no strip cutters, no soldering irons with temperature controlled tips; actually many of the conveniences available for stained glass work today were not available then. We got along just fine and learned a lot about stained glass along the way.

The reason I learned stained glass was my love of glass in general. I collected cut glass, anything made of colored glass like vases, paper weights, etc, and I loved stained glass windows. I never dreamed that I would be able to learn how to make those windows.

Back in the mid 70's stained glass was a new hobby that was becoming very popular.

I actually missed out on the first class I wanted to take, through an adult education course at a local school. I went to sign up, standing in a line that was very long. There were just 2 people in line ahead of me when they announced that the class was full.

The next time it was advertised I got there a bit earlier, but the class was filling up fast. The lady ahead of me said she was signing up because the macrame class, that she really wanted to do, was full. Guess what...I did macrame (does that date me or what!). I offered to teach her. She accepted and decided not to sign up for the stained glass class. Because of her, I got the last opening for the class. That was September, 1975 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (we were living there because of my husbands' job). As I learned the techniques, I taught my husband, and I was soon to become The Stained Glass Lady.

The Stained Glass Lady in Australia

We moved to Australia, in 1980 and opened a stained glass studio. We had lived there before and always wanted to go back. When we moved there, our intention was not about opening a stained glass studio. We simply wanted to live and work there. However, God had another plan and once the word was out that we knew how to do stained glass, we were in demand to teach adult education classes at various schools.

We started looking around for a place to buy supplies and found nothing within 180 miles. We couldn't teach classes without a place for the students to get their supplies, so we started bringing in glass and tools. That was the lead up to our studio and a full time business. We gained most of our experience through teaching stained glass classes,doing custom work, restorations and repairs at our studio. Also, this is the place where I became know as The Stained Glass Lady

Back in those days, there was no internet, let alone stained glass forums to turn to for help. We were pretty much on our own if we ran into problems. The book "How to Work in Stained Glass" by Anita and Seymour Isenberg was our only source of reliable information. Even with that book, there were times when we had to develop our own techniques because there was not enough information to help us, or the suggested supplies were not available in Australia. We still use many of those techniques today.

Over the years, we have taught over 4500 students the art of stained glass through beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, as well as fusing and bead making. We are very proud of our students. They have done amazing work, and over the years, some of them have become well know glass artists in their areas of expertise.

The Hippy Van

Side Note:

Due to financial constraints, we could not afford to buy a proper work truck, so we bought an old VW van and had it painted to look like a stained glass window. Our 11 year old son called it a hippy van and would have rather died than have us pick him up from school in it. Over the years we did upgrade to a newer "hippy van", but we will never forget that first one and, of course, it gives our, now grown, son a chance to accuse us of child abuse on the days we were sitting in front of his school waiting to pick him up!

While we lived in Australia, we were fortunate enough to learn from the very best. We learned fusing from the owners of Bullseye Glass. We also had Klaus Moje, who was then the head of the hot glass department at the Australian National University School of Art, as a mentor when we needed advise.

Glass painting was taught to us by Brian Kerkvliet. Several years later we traveled to San Francisco for a glass painting workshop with Albinas Elskus.

Various other fusers, painters, kaleidoscope makers, etc. frequently visited our studio, and we always learned something new and exciting from them.

Oh yes, the name, "The Stained Glass Lady", came from people recognizing me in public and saying "Oh, you're the stained glass lady". After a while, the name stuck!

What The Stained Glass Lady is Doing Now

In 1992, we returned to the USA. We continued to teach classes at various venues. Once we retired we decided to run the business from home. We have recently done several large church window restorations. I also worked part time and taught at a local studio until the owner decided to close up shop and move south. And...I am still known as The Stained Glass Lady to my friends and associates in the stained glass community.

That brings us up to now. Teaching is still our passion, and this web site is a way we can continue to teach and pass our knowledge on to you. Since this web site will be ever growing, we will be adding tutorials, by The Stained Glass Lady, for most stained glass techniques in both lead and foil. Come back often to see what's new.

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