Toyo Thomas Grip Glass Cutter

thomas grip cutter

The Toyo Thomas Grip glass cutter is one of two small oil cutters made by Toyo. Both are small and have a saddle that fits between your thumb and your index finger rather than holding them like a pencil or a pistol grip. They give you a lot of flexibility.

These cutters are used less often than the pencil or pistol grip, but I think many people would switch to either one if they had a chance to try them and see how easy they are to hold and control.

The other small cutter is decribed at Toyo Custom Grip Glass Cutter

The head swivels, but is easy to control, so you can go in any direction without having to twist and turn you hand. In my opinion, this cutter is awesome for people with weak wrists or fingers.

palm view

This is the way the saddle fits
into the palm of your hand.

scoring with the Thomas Grip cutter

Scoring glass with the Thomas Grip glass cutter.

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I'm sure you will find other ways to hold the Thomas Grip glass cutter. The way I have shown you is the way the manufacturer recommends, and the way I find most comfortable. Experiment with it. If you hold it a different way now, or come up with a different way to hold it, use my "contact me" form and let me know. I'll be happy to show those versions as well, and give you all the kudos for it.

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