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Apr 02, 2012
Black patina on straight copper (non-zinc, etc)
by: Anonymous

Scrub piece so you don't have wax, ink or other barriers on copper. Use standard gun bluing agent (I used B/C brand, google and you'll recognize the brand). It goes dark brown to black, must neutralize and wax afterwoods as fingernail scratch can mar surface. They indicate on label is doesn't work on non-ferrous metals but it does (just not as pretty as gun blue). Ingredients look like same as Novacan's patina (but reversed in quantity). Handle carefully as with almost patinas, it is poisonous (wash hands, don't eat...). Hope that helps. I also tried Ammonia with salt (puts blue spots on but they don't "stick", also tried palmolive soap someone said sulphur in it worked, doesn't stick, very slow), etc. Hope this helps someone else out been googling this for weeks!

May 05, 2009
by: Mary


Thanks so much for your advice and very speedy response. I first learned how to do stained glass 5 or 6 years ago - with lead. We used a tube of blackening paste that was designed (I believe) for fireplaces to blacken both the lead and the solder. When I took it up again last year I had a refresher course and learned how to copper foil for the first time. I was told then that the blackening stuff was not used any more (too toxic they said?) and they said to use patina instead - hence my mistaken belief that you could use it on the lead as well as the solder. I might try the black patina for lead and solder (I found some online) but I'll think about it a bit more and test on scrap pieces before I decide.

Having discovered your site I will now work my way through your tutorials - they really are a fantastic resource. I have also signed up for your newletter.

Thanks again for your help.



Mary...the stuff in the tube is stove black. We used it exclusively when we had our business in Australia. We can only find liquid stove black in the USA and even that is hard to find (at stores that sell wood burning stoves). Brushing the lead with a natural bristle brush, after you have used black putty, will give you a similar effect, and makes much less mess.

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