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by joan scully

What glass is easier to cut and which one is most brillant in color.


Most cathedral glasses, by any manufacturer, are easier to cut then opalescent. White opalescent is the hardest glass (in a scale from soft to hard) and the most difficult to cut, although some manufacturers white is easier then others.

If you are looking for really easy to cut, try Spectrum cathedral blues and greens, single color, no streaks or texture.

The most brilliant in color is red, yellow and orange.

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Sep 26, 2010
Cutting Glass
by: Valerie Lowich Iskierka

Spectrum cathedral is absolutely the easiest glass to cut. I don't find white glass per se hard to cut, but glass can be a bear to cut when white glass is mixed in with other colors, such as wispies and streakies. I was taught to cut on the smoother side of the glass, clean the glass first (I use 70% isopropyl alcohol), make sure your glass cutter is well lubricated, and use enough pressure to score the glass without fracturing it into splinters along the cut line. Here in Minnesota, I have an outdoor craft room, and glass can get pretty cold in spring and autumn. I've found that it's much more difficult to break glass on the score line when it's cold, regardless of type or color of glass. So before I start my furnace going for the season, I will warm my glass with a heating pad til it's nice and toasty.

Good advise Valerie!

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