Using Lead Around the Edges of a Foiled Window

by melanie zimmermann
(hickory, nc)

I am working on a 28.5 x 20 inch copper foiled stained glass window - it is a gift for my dad's birthday. I plan to frame the window in a wooden frame. My local craft store has a frame that can be stained any color that is especially made for stained glass projects.

Should I use lead came around the perimeter of the window to add strength or should I just let the wooden frame provide the support? thanks for your help. I really appreciate your help and your website. It has become the first site I refer for solutions to my stained glass questions.


The wooden frame will be enough for strength around the edges. However, you should use some copper restrip reinforcement in the panel to give it internal strength. The picture above shows where it could go.

The top and bottom strips go from outside edge to outside edge of the panel. The center one starts and stops on the inside edge of the border glass. It must touch the top and bottom restrip where it (the center restrip) starts and finishes. I hope this makes sense to you.

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Aug 01, 2009
Judy Miller's pattern
by: Anonymous

I note that Judy Miller's pattern is used. She is one of the best.!

Jul 24, 2009
Using Lead Around Edges of Foiled Window
by: charlene

I was looking at the diagram showing where the copper restrip reinforcement should be placed. Did you actually bend the restrip so that it went from the outside edge and then up to the next straight area?


Yes, it bends on the flat face surface, but not at all on edge. That's what makes it so easy to work with, yet it's a superior reinforcement. Bend it with pliers to give it the bend a crisp edge.

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