water prism tinning


I have two questions about the water prism
1) I'd like my water prism to have a silver finish inside and out so I was wondering if it would it create any problems if I were to tin the parts of the water prism before applying the sealant? I am going to use silver backed foil but since the inside of the prism isn't soldered at all I would think some copper color is going to show through but if it's tinned it would be silver.
2) I noticed your prisms seem to be fairly air tight compared to the ones I have seen for sale so are there any problems with the prism sweating in warm weather? Can the solder kiss at the end of the chain be too big and actually cause it to seal too much?

Also I would like to thank you for your incredibly informative tutorial on the water prism!! Yours are the ONLY instructions I have found on the internet or in publication.
Thanks so much,


Tinning is fine.

I've never had a problem with sweating. I have one prism that's at least 10 years old and have never done anything to it including topping it off with water. I still have rainbows in my kitchen every sunny afternoon.

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